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Found 5 results

  1. bazzer747


    Hi I've just seen the above function which Firedac provides, and read the DocWiki about it and it would be very helpful in my project as I create new records. However, I'm having difficulty understanding quite how it works, or rather what it requires passed with it. The Docwiki provides an example of how to program with it: ShowMessage(VarToStr(ADConnection1.GetLastAutoGenValue('MyGen'))); My question is - what is 'MyGen' referring to? I'm using MS SQL and the info says the method returns the last autogenerated value in the session. In my table I have an autogenerated column called 'ID' (an integer). I've changed the above example to read: ShowMessage( VarToStr( dm.fdcMSLTest.GetLastAutoGenValue( 'ID' ))); assuming what it wants passed to it is the fieldname that is autogenerated. However, this gives an error when run 'Capability is not supported'. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. bazzer747

    Component already exists

    Hi I've created a new Windows VCL application and on the first form I've added several buttons, each buttons click event opens a new form. Three of these forms are OK, I've added various components (buttons, navigators, grids etc) but on the last I opened has no components on it except a button (called btnClose) which simply closes the form. However, when I run the application and press the button that opens this form I get an error message: 'A component named btnClose already exists'. After selecting the OK to this error, if I click the same button again the application freezes and I use Task Manager to kill it. If I click the other buttons, they open their forms fine, but if I then click on the 4th one again I get 'Invalid pointer operation'. This is the form in text: object fViewSignups: TfViewSignups Left = 0 Top = 0 Caption = 'View Signups' ClientHeight = 299 ClientWidth = 678 Color = clBtnFace Font.Charset = DEFAULT_CHARSET Font.Color = clWindowText Font.Height = -11 Font.Name = 'Tahoma' Font.Style = [] OldCreateOrder = False PixelsPerInch = 96 TextHeight = 13 object btnClose: TRzButton Left = 520 Top = 40 Caption = 'Close' TabOrder = 0 OnClick = btnCloseClick end end ... no duplicate btnClose, also see attached screenshot. I created this form with: procedure TfMain.RzButton2Click(Sender: TObject); begin fViewSignups.Create( Self ); try fViewSignups.Showmodal; finally fViewSignups.Free; end; end; Which is identical to the way I created the other 3 forms which all work OK. I've closed everthing down and restarted everything and can't think of anythging else to look at to see where or why this error is happening. This is the first Windows application I've created since upgrading to Delphi 10.3.3, which may be something. Any thoughts on what else I can do would be appreciated.
  3. I have a listview application with dynamic items, which is connected to a fdmemtable, when clicking repeatedly on any item in the listview, the application closes. If you put the listview without the dynamic items, and clicking several times this does not occur I'm using delphi 10.2.3 works ok, but in delphi 10.3 comunity, the error occurs, with android 8.0.1 Has anyone had this problem ?
  4. Hello, I have attached a project for re-production of my problem. When Windows scale is set to something higher than 100%, compiled exe display main form visible behind login form while login form is displayed as "ShowModal" in main form's OnCreate() event. I have worse problems further in my production application like complete freezing of application in other forms. However; - Delphi 10.2.3 generated EXE does not have that problem at all. - Delphi 10.3 exe does not have that problem (and any of other problems in my production application) if scaling set to 100% in Windows settings. I would like if someone else can confirm that is actually a problem of Delphi 10.3 Rio. I appreciate if anybody can suggest a solution/workaround. Thanks & Regards, Ertan Delphi10.3_forms.zip
  5. masteryoda

    DBExpress on Linux

    Hello, Can we use DBExpress on Linux platform? I am getting "E2202 Required package 'dbexpress' not found" error when I set target to linux. There are some .dcp files for other platforms such as win32, win64, osx32 and even for android and ios but I can't find any linux related file :) Also there is a file named bpldbexpress260.so in binlinux64 folder, so it must have been compiled before the ISO file released. Could some files be missing in Delphi 10.3? Can you suggest any solution? PS: I already checked all three December 2018 patches for Delphi 10.3 Rio @Marco Cantu