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  1. Marcio

    Problems with Listview fmx 10.3 ,close application

    Hi, I use livebinding to popular Listview.
  2. I have a listview application with dynamic items, which is connected to a fdmemtable, when clicking repeatedly on any item in the listview, the application closes. If you put the listview without the dynamic items, and clicking several times this does not occur I'm using delphi 10.2.3 works ok, but in delphi 10.3 comunity, the error occurs, with android 8.0.1 Has anyone had this problem ?
  3. I have an application that uses DBExpress, Query, Provider and ClientDataset. I will migrate to Firedac, currently all query and provider are in the DataModule and in form only the ClientDataSet and DataSet. What is the best scenario, advantages and disadvantages : 1 - Leave the Query in the DataModule and in the Form only the DataSet. 2 - Place Query on Form and use DataModule only for Global Objects. Has anyone used the refind for conversion? Thanks