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  1. In this crash you reported on blocking sqlite, you tried to disconnect from the base when the application enters IDLE mode, and perform the connection again, because as the base is leased exclusively, the system probably has to maintain resources for this, it might be a way to save battery power, I'm not an IOS expert, but I'm just interpreting the message. Marcio
  2. Thank you Dmitry! Thank you Dave! I made the changes indicated in the patch and it worked perfectly!
  3. Dave, In moment of error CallStack The result this function is TFDJSONDataSets LDataSetList:= ClientModule1.ServerMethodsClient.GetDatabase('1','1234',vErros, 1670, '',''); The TFDJSONDataSets is returned by the DataSnap Rest, but when it receives this return for appllication and will convert is that the error occurs System._DbgExcNotify(-1634508784,0x9b16e5a8,0x9c6b1159,0x9b16e5a8,0x9c6b1159) System.NotifyReRaise(0x9b16e5a8,0x9c6b1159) System._RaiseAtExcept(0x9b16e5a8,0x9c6b1159) System._RaiseExcept(0x9b16e5a8) System.Internal.Excutils.DoRaiseJNIExceptionCallBack('class java.lang.IllegalStateException','java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot set request property after connection is made') Androidapi.Jni.HandleJNIException(0xb30b95a0) Androidapi.Jnimarshal.ExecJNI(0x9e9364c0,0x9b777c08) :9D237614 DispatchToImport :9D25B930 dispatch_first_stage_intercept System.Net.Httpclient.Android.TAndroidHTTPClient.DoExecuteRequest(0xae4a3240,0x9984c900,@0x9e9367e8: 0xb30b9480,0x9980f5e0) System.Net.Httpclient.THTTPClient.ExecuteHTTPInternal(0xae4a3240,0x9984c97c,0x9980f5e0,0xb30b94cc) System.Net.Httpclient.THTTPClient_ExecuteHTTP_ActRec._0_Body(0x998cd080) :9D117836 __stub_in36s__ZN6System3Net10Httpclient30THTTPClient_ExecuteHTTP_ActRec7_0_BodyEv System.Classes.TAnonymousThread.Execute(0x99888768) System.Classes.ThreadProc(0x99888768) System.ThreadWrapper(0xae595e18) :B6CE5E34 __pthread_start(void*) :B6CC056C __start_thread :00000000 ??
  4. Dave, Only Android , win32 work fine, and 10.3 work fine too. unit System.Internal.ExcUtils; line 839 {$IFDEF ANDROID} procedure DoRaiseJNIExceptionCallBack(const JNIExceptionClassName: string; const Msg: string); begin raise EJNIException.CreateWithClassName(JNIExceptionClassName, Msg); end; {$ENDIF}
  5. I have an android application that synchronizes data with a DataSnap server, did the tests with version 10.3 and had no problems with win32. I updated to version 10.3.1 and when calling the function, the java.lang.illegalStateException error occurs, as per the attachment. In win32 the error does not occur and it works perfectly, does anyone know what it can be? I was debugging until the moment where the error occurs, see the last image.. Thank you
  6. Marcio

    Problems with Listview fmx 10.3 ,close application

    Hi, I use livebinding to popular Listview.
  7. I have a listview application with dynamic items, which is connected to a fdmemtable, when clicking repeatedly on any item in the listview, the application closes. If you put the listview without the dynamic items, and clicking several times this does not occur I'm using delphi 10.2.3 works ok, but in delphi 10.3 comunity, the error occurs, with android 8.0.1 Has anyone had this problem ?
  8. I have an application that uses DBExpress, Query, Provider and ClientDataset. I will migrate to Firedac, currently all query and provider are in the DataModule and in form only the ClientDataSet and DataSet. What is the best scenario, advantages and disadvantages : 1 - Leave the Query in the DataModule and in the Form only the DataSet. 2 - Place Query on Form and use DataModule only for Global Objects. Has anyone used the refind for conversion? Thanks