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    I got it working now! First I changed the path setting back to the old value (on my machine it is "c:\Users\Uwe\AppData\Roaming\Parnassus OU\Common"). Then I copied the new DLL into that folder and renamed it to ParnassusCoreEditor_XRio.dll It seems that the DLL loader logic first looks for the "XRio" DLL and has a fallback to the original name. That way the different DLLs can coexist in the same folder and the XRio renaming allows for future version, too.
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    Actually it's "EMB" text compression, probably they should patent it and proudly add in About product information. Much better than LZ4, LZO or LZMA, because it's 3d multilayer
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    Perhaps people tend to prefer talking about things that don't work.
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    hello, I did patches for MM and RTL of Win64, making Delphi windows server app flying you can check this cool library thread https://github.com/winddriver/Delphi-Cross-Socket/issues/39# Rio 10.3.1 default Server Software: CrossHttpServer/2.0 Server Hostname: Server Port: 8000 Document Path: /hello Document Length: 11 bytes Concurrency Level: 100 Time taken for tests: 3.703 seconds Complete requests: 100000 Failed requests: 0 Keep-Alive requests: 100000 Total transferred: 14200000 bytes HTML transferred: 1100000 bytes Requests per second: **27002.22 [#/sec] (mean)** Time per request: 3.703 [ms] (mean) Time per request: 0.037 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate: 3744.45 [Kbytes/sec] received Rio 10.3.1 with RDP patches Server Software: CrossHttpServer/2.0 Server Hostname: Server Port: 8000 Document Path: /hello Document Length: 11 bytes Concurrency Level: 100 Time taken for tests: 1.094 seconds Complete requests: 100000 Failed requests: 0 Keep-Alive requests: 100000 Total transferred: 14200000 bytes HTML transferred: 1100000 bytes Requests per second: **91442.20 [#/sec] (mean)** Time per request: 1.094 [ms] (mean) Time per request: 0.011 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate: 12680.46 [Kbytes/sec] received Please check my Pos() routines, should be ok If you use my patches please put a link to my website [www.dellapasqua.com](http://www.dellapasqua.com) and please, if you like, forward me some jobs internet related, fullstack, cloud, embedded, sql, I'm glad to collaborate with smart people, Delphi companies Thank you Roberto Della Pasqua RDPRTL.zip TestPOs.zip Btw. I have also zlib SIMD 5x faster than the system gzip library, I'll post next time
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    Delphi/Rad Studio desperately needs a proper package/library/component manager. A package manager provides a standardized way of consuming third party libraries. At the moment, use of third party libraries is very much adhoc, and in many cases this makes it difficult to move projects between machines, or to get a new hire up and running quickly. Other development eco systems, like Ruby, .net and Javascript, recognised and solved this problem many years ago. Getting a Ruby, .net or Javascript project up an running, in a new working folder or new machine is trivial. Delphi Package Manager RFC
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    For the adventurous of you there is a new download for a MMX Beta version: MMX Beta Setup (current build is 2287) You won't find many new features. The main work was removing unneeded stuff, making use of things not available in older Delphi versions and reorganizing the code. So be prepared to find areas where I accidentally broke something. I would appreciate if you send bugs as email to support@mmx-delphi.de - that way they are automatically added to the bugtracker and are less likely to be forgotten. Feel free to also discuss them here, but even then send that email, so I don't have to duplicate it by hand. Currently there is only one new feature: The MMX Project Options settings have a new check box "Auto Format". If this is checked MMX will execute a format uses clause command every time it adds a new unit to the uses clause. Obviously this only works when the Group and sort uses option is enabled in the Sorting section. Unless something prohibits me to do so, I will announce new builds in this thread.
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    New Delphi, old bugs, including serious: I think I’m slowly starting to Understand Delphi Hater's blog... RSP-23466 RSP-23320 + hundreds of others.... I wonder if this will ever happen, to manage this product properly, why do they think that developers needs tons of new usless features instead of making fast and solid current functionality.
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    NEW in 10.3.1 10.3.1 includes the following enhancements: ● IDE Productivity Tooling: With Bookmarks, Navigator, and code minimap, developers can quickly move around their code, useful in large units; locate and remember important areas; and visually quickly scroll through their current code within the IDE ● Expanded support for iOS 12 and iPhone X series devices, addressing upcoming App Store requirements ● RAD Server Console UI redesign and migration to the Ext JS framework, providing an enhanced user experience when viewing RAD Server API analytics ● Improved FireDAC support for Firebird 3.0.4 and Firebird embedded ● HTTP and SOAP Client Library Enhancements on Windows ● New VCL Windows and FireMonkey Multi-Device Styles for quickly updating the look and feel of an application ● Fixes to over 150 customer-reported bugs Wiki entry: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/e/index.php/10.3_Rio_-_Release_1 Specific Bug fixes: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/en/New_features_and_customer_reported_issues_fixed_in_RAD_Studio_10.3.1
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    I was always pissed because of the property editor and its incapability to helping the work, so I made this extra filter-box. It has a little discomfort as the Property Editor steals the focus on the first click, I'll check what can I do if I find some time. Also, adding/deleting/storing the predefined filters are unimplemented yet. If someone feels the power to get it done, don't hesitate to apply.
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    @jbg thank you for the confirmation. I less and less understand Emb. This "new" IDE is so slow, flicker everywhere... Did they use their software? They should focus on quality rather than getting us such half backed solutions...
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    If you want to keep your settings you should answer NO. The question is about removing the settings.
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    Hi, I've had lots of enquiries recently about when Bookmarks and Navigator will have a version available for 10.3 - they've been updated and new features added for every release until now. I'm please to say they will be available with the upcoming version of RAD Studio (10.3.1) which is coming out soon. The reason for for being included, and for the lack of news about a 10.3-compatible release in the past month, is that the plugins have been acquired by Embarcadero and so will now ship with the IDE itself. This is great news. I wrote the plugins originally to add features I wanted to the IDE, and hundreds (thousands, actually!) of developers have given great feedback. It's great to know the features will be available to everyone. In addition, due to the pressures of work, I haven't had much time to maintain or extend them recently, and so having them under Embarcadero's wing means they'll live on and be developed as part of Delphi and C++Builder itself. More info in the linked post! - David
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    First, it would be nice if you posted at least the title of the report here, and not just a link... Not a great report; it is unclear exactly what issue is pointed out in the report, and "difficult to reproduce" in steps isn't going to help matters. If you are affected, you could improve chances of a fix by adding something helpful in comments.
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    The DLL's documentation includes VB declarations. VB doesn't support cdecl at all, only stdcall. Also, I just found this, which clearly shows the DLL functions using CALLBACK for the calling convention. That is a preprocessor macro that maps to __stdcall.
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    IDE no longer flickers when you compile/build 😃 Probably the most important fixes and improvements are in iOS platform - including fix for compiling/linking 3rd party libraries against iOS 12 SDK. And then there is a bunch of bug fixes in other areas. So plenty of improvements, just not big ones. Or depends how you look at it, if your code was affected, then even single small fix can be great improvement.
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    You show decimal representation while version components correspond to nibbles of hex representation 11264dec = $2C00, so your version number is (2.$C.0.0)
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    Reason is, that the path to the core dll is common for all installed releases through a setting in the registry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Parnassus OU\Core] "Path"="C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\Embarcadero\\Studio\\20.0\\Experts" This always points to the last installation.
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    Off-topic, but actually, that is multi-posting. Cross-posting is posting to several newgroups on the same server, with one single post (i.e. the single post has multiple targets and a reply in one group will usually appear in the other groups too, unless the reply was specifically set up not to do that).
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    Chocolatey is Nuget repurposed for installing applications, not for installing code libraries. It's also a .net application. As much as I love .net/c#, I think a delphi package manager should be written in delphi.
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    Very good initiative! The absence of dependency manager is a big problem of Pascal ecosystem. Not only CI scenarios suffers from it but library developers - there is no option to make a library dependent on another library as it become too complicated for most people to install and use it. So most libraries have *commons.pas units which contains pretty same purpose routines and classes. I thought about it a lot and the only reason why I not started such a project is that I believe it should be a community effort. Or we'll end up with another package manager without packages and users. I'm familiar with Maven from Java ecosystem and it does it's job well. Some quick thoughts: I see no much sense binding it to a particular IDE or even compiler. Let it work for FPC too! Components and packages are good but libraries are also good and much easier to manage. I think such a tools should have a command line based core with plugins for IDEs when needed. In that case CI server will be able to build project from scratch as it should be. Simple workflow - a project config file at input and a directory structure with library/package files at output. A package can be identified with an ID - something domain name-like works good here and partially solves problems with copyright etc. Please no GUIDs here! To identify a dependency seems to enough: (ID, version, compiler/platform, type) type is source or binary (dcu/ppu). Therefore, to use a library it's needed to create a config file and run the tool. After it ends its work there is a ready to use directory structure with all needed files and maybe even compiler config file with paths.
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    A related project, MultiInstaller, is not a package manager, but a good way to install multiple packages, directly from git repositories (e.g. Github), from zip files or from existing folders in one-step. I can start using a new version of Delphi in minutes rather than days. The project is fork of the Silverpoint MultiInstaller.
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    Thanks for this blog post. Instead of just ranting about GetIt you start taking real actions. I appreciate that very much. Some ideas came already to my mind while reading, but I need to think a bit about them first. Regarding the design time components, I had tried to get this covered with my Package Magician mentioned in this blog post: There Can Only Be One – At a Time! While it works in the majority of cases, it heavily relies on the packages to be unloaded cleanly - sometimes not even standard Delphi packages can guarantee that. Unfortunately some of the big players in the package market seem to ignore that their packages my be unloaded and reloaded in the IDE. If you are interested I am open to contribute the code to your project. BTW, the link to the GitHub repository is broken.
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    I just fixed two (newly reported) bugs in GExperts: The Set Tab Order dialog no longer worked in Delphi 6, 7 and 2005. This was due to me adding AlignWithMargins (and the associated Margins property) to the dfm file. This property apparently was introduced in Delphi 2006. Again, this underlines what I mentioned several times: I do not use Delphi < 2007 for anything but testing and fixing bugs GExperts. That’s why glitches like this tend to slip by unnoticed. That’s why I would like people to volunteer for testing the various versions. But apparently nobody can be bothered. Fine by me, but you will have to live with the consequences. I don’t have a QA department. The extensions to the Uses Clause Manager caused several thousand (small) files to be created in the GExperts configuration directory. This directory is located under AppData\roaming\GExperts which means it will be copied when roaming profiles are enabledin a Windows domain. I didn’t know that anybody still uses roaming profiles since they are usually not worth the trouble, but apparently they are still being used. So I now moved that cache to AppData\local and also added a config option to disable caching altogether. https://blog.dummzeuch.de/2019/02/09/two-gexperts-bugs-fixed-14-to-go/
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    New LMD 2019.3 installers are available now! The complete VCL package includes more than 750 VCL components including popular packages like LMD DockingPack and LMD DialogPack (Delphi/C++Builder 6 and better). Main changes of this service release are further Rio 10.3 IDE support, extensive BarPack improvements and high dpi bugfixes for DockingPack. Review changes of this release on history page:http://wiki.lmd.de/index.php/LMD_2019_-_History Find summary of all changes in LMD 2019 on What's New Page:http://wiki.lmd.de/index.php/LMD_VCL_2019_-_NewsCheck the new trials and compiled Exe-Demos athttps://www.lmd.de/downloads For example the LMD DockingPack demo:http://files.lmd.de/downloads/lmd2017vcl/DockingPack_Demo.zipTo learn more about other LMD products visit the General Product Page:https://www.lmd.de/products/vcl/lmdvclAll products are based on LMD 2019 platform. For more info about LMD 2019 platform checkhttp://wiki.lmd.de/index.php/LMD_VCL_-_DescriptionFeature Matrix of all LMD VCL products:https://www.lmd.de/feature-matrixIf you are interested in purchasing check out the Order Page:http://www.lmd.de/shopping If any questions are left, please contact us at mail@lmdsupport.com!