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  1. Dave Nottage

    How to get GPS coords in android - Delphi Sydney

    https://delphiworlds.com/2020/01/cross-platform-location-monitoring/ If you're just doing Android, disregard the parts about iOS
  2. It appears you need to create a share extension: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38037060/3164070 This needs to be done in Xcode, although according to this article: https://blog.grijjy.com/2018/11/15/ios-and-macos-app-extensions-with-delphi/ You can exchange data between a Delphi app and the extension. Incidentally, I believe the schemes in your info.plist should not include the :// part, and apparently you cannot use http and https anyway: https://stackoverflow.com/a/37401487/3164070
  3. I meant the final info.plist that ends up being deployed with your app, i.e. not the info.plist.TemplateiOS.xml. This is in case it is different somehow.
  4. Is that not what this is saying? If it doesn't discover when the app is in the foreground, it sounds like a bug; either in the system or documentation. You don't happen to have a basic test project, do you?
  5. Dave Nottage

    Android: One app receiving multiple intents

    Delphi equivalent: if JStringToString(intent.getComponent.getClassName).EndsWith('.Queue') then
  6. Dave Nottage

    Content not filling screen on iPhone 6

    Delete the info.plist.TemplateiOS.xml file and rebuild. Alternatively, make it look like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <%VersionInfoPListKeys%> <%ExtraInfoPListKeys%> <%StoryboardInfoPListKey%> </dict> </plist>
  7. Dave Nottage

    Android: One app receiving multiple intents

    You can distinguish between intent filters by the action, e.g: if Data.getAction.equals(TJIntent.JavaClass.ACTION_SEND) then Probably because you cannot have 2 filters working with the same action. I suggest reading: https://developer.android.com/training/basics/intents/filters
  8. Dave Nottage

    Android: One app receiving multiple intents

    Does calling registerIntentAction with another action not work?
  9. Dave Nottage

    RAD 10.4 Android KeyboardType NumbersAndPunctuation not working

    The FMX Java code has: NUMBER_AND_PUNCTUATION(InputType.TYPE_CLASS_NUMBER | InputType.TYPE_NUMBER_FLAG_SIGNED | InputType.TYPE_NUMBER_FLAG_DECIMAL), NUMBER_DECIMAL(InputType.TYPE_CLASS_NUMBER | InputType.TYPE_NUMBER_FLAG_DECIMAL | InputType.TYPE_NUMBER_FLAG_SIGNED); So they are the same (just or'd in a different order). I doubt whether there's an exact equivalent to iOS, on Android.
  10. Dave Nottage

    Cannot run sample programs on Android

    Tools|Options, Deployment > SDK Manager:
  11. Dave Nottage

    Cannot run sample programs on Android

    Sorry, I had it confused with another issue. I just had exactly the same issue as you (on a machine I don't use often), and solved it by changing the SDK settings to use build-tools\29.0.3 (instead of 28.0.3) for ZipAlign.exe and AAPT.exe
  12. Dave Nottage

    missing debug\*.res files

    There's only that file in mine.
  13. Dave Nottage

    Cannot run sample programs on Android

    The problem you're seeing is usually due to an outdated AndroidManifest.template.xml file. Deleting the file (a new one will be recreated) should resolve the issue
  14. Dave Nottage

    IOS - 3rd Party Library

    That should be all you need to do, except use 'opus' instead of 'libopus'. Yes, since that't what is being linked to.