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  1. Dave Nottage

    Deployment Android apk

    You should read this part: https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Alexandria/en/Creating_an_Android_App#Loading_and_Deploying_Files
  2. I have 25+ years Delphi experience programming professionally. What does that work out to? 😉 Total years does not necessarily mean "I'm better than someone with less". Results speak louder than years.
  3. The AdMob demo has been updated in the Playground repo. There's a fix to the events issues on iOS, support for adaptive size on iOS for the banner ad, and the code has been updated to support AdMob iOS SDK v9.6.0 https://github.com/DelphiWorlds/Playground/tree/main/Demos/AdMob
  4. Dave Nottage

    Delphi Android/IOS Apps

    Written in Delphi: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/earmaster-music-theory/id1105030163 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kiskis/id1420049759 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/my-shift-planner-calendar/id645662133 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pledgestar/id1548603090 https://blogs.embarcadero.com/fun-ranch-mobile-game-is-developed-with-delphi/ http://flash-o-matic.com That's just the ones I can recall right now
  5. Dave Nottage

    Windows 11 Speech Recognition

    There's also this: http://www.blong.com/conferences/dcon2002/speech/SAPI51/SAPI51.htm
  6. Whatever the case, the BASS libraries are not ending up in the app. I "pulled" the APK after installing the app, and there's no lib folder:
  7. For me, it asked for permissions (which I granted), then restarts over and over, presenting a toast related to permissions being granted. Without knowing exactly the code is doing during startup, it's going to be difficult to diagnose. I suggest moving as much code as you can out of FormCreate (if you use that event) or the main forms constructor (if you have overridden it), and call it later.
  8. If you're using macOS 12.3 or later, you'll need Delphi 11.1 with Patch 1 installed
  9. Dave Nottage

    iOS deployment problem

    Can you indicate what versions you have of Xcode, and macOS?
  10. Dave Nottage

    Version check error???

    As well as any 3rd party component packages?
  11. Dave Nottage

    iOS deployment problem

    Something has changed the active developer directory. If your Xcode is in the default install location, use this command: sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer To correct it
  12. Might this help? https://github.com/RRUZ/tsmbios
  13. Dave Nottage

    AdMob in Delphi11

    Did you read the details of the readme, here? https://github.com/DelphiWorlds/Playground/tree/main/Demos/AdMob#readme
  14. Dave Nottage

    Working with Delphi and Excel

    Without using OLE? Yes. An .xlsx file is in .zip format. You can extract the contents using TZipFile and read the (mostly) xml files inside. You could learn the spec and parse the xml. Here's some links that might help: https://docs.fileformat.com/spreadsheet/xlsx/ http://officeopenxml.com/anatomyofOOXML-xlsx.php https://www.brendanlong.com/the-minimum-viable-xlsx-reader.html https://c-rex.net/projects/samples/ooxml/e1/Whitepaper/spreadsheetml.html
  15. Dave Nottage

    Delphi 10.4.2 CE support Android API 30

    It's in the bin folder of your Delphi installation, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\bin