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  1. Dave Nottage

    XCode 12 compile error

    I'm having similar issues, i.e. building Firebase against iOS 14.2 SDK. Looking into it...
  2. Dave Nottage

    iOS 14 and Delphi Ad Hoc

    Yes, I've been successful, using iOS SDK 13.5, iOS 14.1 device
  3. There's an example discussed here: https://delphiworlds.com/2018/07/moving-controls-virtual-keyboard-revisited-again/
  4. Dave Nottage

    AV with InApp purchase on MacOS

    The only changed that Hans needed to stop it crashing for him was to change this: FProductsRequest.setDelegate((FProductsRequestDelegate as ILocalObject).GetObjectID); to this: FProductsRequest.setDelegate(FProductsRequestDelegate.GetObjectID);
  5. Running it from the IDE, or standalone? If you run it from the IDE, the messages appear in the Messages window of the IDE
  6. Dave Nottage

    AV with InApp purchase on MacOS

    That's news to me 🙂 I see now from an email that you said I should share what I did for you.. which I will do soon.
  7. It won't fire if it cannot. OnShouldStartLoadWithRequest should fire for every URL that is visited. As Remy said, if it does not, then there's a bug.
  8. Dave Nottage

    Open android gallery with intent

    There is already an import for it in the Androidapi.JNI.Provider unit. In Delphi 10.4.1, starting at line 3658
  9. Dave Nottage

    StoryBoard launch screen - Delphi 10.4

    It's not, e.g: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33002829/ios-keeping-old-launch-screen-and-app-icon-after-update Another possible solution (which I have not tried): http://arsenkin.com/launch_screen_image_cache.html Edit: An afterthought - this might not help you since your problem is no splash screen at all. Having said that, I still expect it is not an Embarcadero issue.
  10. Dave Nottage

    Problem with Delphi RIO 10.3.3 and Google API Level 29

    It's telling you exactly what the problem is, i.e. that the xml is invalid. It is likely because you have not correctly added the attribute you mentioned. The application tag should look like this:
  11. Dave Nottage

    A component named DotNetForm already exists.????

    This seems related: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-31075
  12. Dave Nottage

    A component named DotNetForm already exists.????

    That can happen when a desktop (.dst) file becomes "invalid". Try renaming whatever your startup layout is (default is C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Embarcadero\BDS\21.0\Startup Layout.dst) and restart Delphi - it should recreate the .dst file.
  13. Dave Nottage

    Adding file directories to project

    This won't work for cross-platform projects that target more than one platform from a single project. I started working on something like this a while ago to add to Codex: https://github.com/DelphiWorlds/Codex ..and just the other day I realised I needed it again. Fortunately the project didn't have a lot of dependent units. It has me thinking I should go back and finish it, though 🙂
  14. Background: I'm working on an implementation of Geofencing on Android, based on this documentation: https://developer.android.com/training/location/geofencing ..and based on their example on Github: https://github.com/android/location-samples/tree/master/Geofencing To be able to help with this, you will likely need some Java skills, and know about Android intents and receivers. I don't know completely everything about them, hence the request for help Demo: I've attached the work in progress demo, which should compile as-is, i.e. it should not be dependent on anything - it uses files from Kastri, but I have copied them into the project. I've also included the source for the Java parts, as a reference. The corresponding binary is dw-geofence.jar, which is included in the Lib folder of the project. The demo sets up 3 geofence regions. Tapping the Start button first requests location permissions - in order for geofencing to work, you need to tap on "Allow in settings": ..and select the "Allow all the time" option: (then tap the back arrow at the top) If geofence starts successfully, a message will appear in the memo: Action: 1, Result: 0, Message: (Action of 1 = start monitoring, Result of 0 = success) Simulating changes in location: So that you don't actually have to physically move anywhere, fortunately on Android it is possible to simulate location changes by using a "mock gps" app, such as this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.hola.gpslocation Once installed, you need to go into the Developer Options of the Settings app on the device, and set the mock locations app: Then use the mock locations app to change your location to one of the geofence regions created by the AddRegions method of TMainView in AG.View.Main in the project. The problem I find that when moving into/out of the regions, the GeofenceIntentReceiver is not being "triggered", i.e. onReceive is not being called. If someone is able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. AGDemo.zip
  15. How do you mean? Please show your code. Also bear in mind that showing the wifi settings as per the last link provided by Rollo62 does not allow you to select a particular config. The user must do that