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  1. Dave Nottage

    Bulding an app to test push alerts in iOS

    You appear to have 2 certificates on the Mac that are the same. Perhaps one is expired. To check this, on the Mac in Applications/Utilities, run the Key Chain Access app, ensure that expired certificates are listed by clicking Show Expired Certificates in the View menu, and select login in the Keychains list, and My Certificates in the Category list: For any expired certificates, right-click them and click "Delete"
  2. Dave Nottage

    Bulding an app to test push alerts in iOS

    The bundle identifier needs to match the identifier given to the App Id that was created for the application on the Apple Developer website, e.g I created this one for testing Firebase Cloud Messaging (for myself - you need to use your own): The convention is to use reverse domain notation (if you have one), or at least something that should be globally (literally) unique. This is also the App Id that you would have enabled Push Notifications for:
  3. Dave Nottage

    "Self-updating" terminal services DLL

    I expect this is not going to be possible, however I thought I'd ask just in case someone has a brainwave of some kind. I'm working on a DLL which implements a virtual channel for Windows terminal services, and a desired function is for it to be able to "self-update". It fetches a file which is the new version of the DLL, and is supposed to "move" the file in-place. Needless to say I've tried to make it work, with the inevitable "access denied" errors when either attempting to rename the original file then replace it, or just copy over it.
  4. Please refer to: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-30989 It has been happening to me, however I had not reported it as yet. I had also planned to attempt to debug the issue - perhaps Thomas can?
  5. Dave Nottage

    Build Project

    Without having the source of the project (or a reproducible example), it might be difficult to discover what the problem is
  6. Dave Nottage

    Build Project

    Might be wrong/incompatible NDK settings. This is what I have for 10.3.3:
  7. Dave Nottage

    Grep search empty window with 10.4.1

    Note to self: double triple check where the DLL is being loaded from 😞
  8. Dave Nottage

    Grep search empty window with 10.4.1

  9. Dave Nottage

    Grep search empty window with 10.4.1

    I'm getting the blank Grep window, too.
  10. Dave Nottage

    .aab file to google playstore

    You could send it if you like, however I think it may be resolved only by seeing the code being executed at startup. You can direct message me the source if you like. I will treat it in confidence.
  11. Dave Nottage

    .aab file to google playstore

    Seems to be stuck in an eternal loop. Does it work as an .apk? What exactly are you doing with Firebase in the app?
  12. It will not work if you do not have the permissions checked in the project options.
  13. Dave Nottage

    .aab file to google playstore

    Can you give a link to the app on Play Store?
  14. The following worked fine for me: procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin PermissionsService.RequestPermissions(['android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE', 'android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE'], procedure(const APermissions: TArray<string>; const AGrantResults: TArray<TPermissionStatus>) begin // NOTE: I am assuming the user granted permission, here! CreateFolder; end ); end; procedure TForm1.CreateFolder; var fn: string; begin fn := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetSharedDocumentsPath, 'OLA'); ForceDirectories(fn); if TDirectory.Exists(fn) then Button1.Text := 'OK' else Button1.Text := 'Failed'; end; Delphi 10.4.1, Android 11 device (Pixel3a)