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  1. nader38

    Cannot build iOS 15.1 apps

    In case anyone has same issues with this. Dave Nottage pointed out to me that at least in my case the problem seemed to be the cache-dir-XXXX folders on the Mac. Once I deleted them and re-imported all was fine.
  2. nader38

    Cannot build iOS 15.1 apps

    Any updates on this? I have a blank application that I can compile to the mac but when trying the ios I get the error DCC Error] E2597 ld: warning: directory not found for option '-FC:\Users\admin\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\SDKs\iPhoneOS15.2.sdk\System\Library\PrivateFrameworks' I tried above including removing all SDKs and re-installing them. My issue seems to be that PrivateFrameworks is not installed as it was in older SDKs. Delphi 11 with November and January Patches installed. PAServer version Mac With Monterey OS 12.2.1 installed. iPhone iOS version 15.3 XCode version 13.2.1