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  1. Hello, We are need rtmp live camera sdk for delphi which is a live camera rtmp publish component for Android and IOS can be used to develop video broadcast mobileapp. Support Delphi 10.4.1 Support Overlay Image or Text on stream. (we will put delphi's own fmx objects on top of the video and it will appear, we dont need native java video window, and we dont need any lag about camera resolutions for different devices or on publised stream) this component will publish stream via rtmp protocol to open or licensed rtmp servers. Support both hardware and software encoder, or can use gpu. (we need support android6 and + / iphone5 and+ devices without any lag or problem) we dont need sound echo problem. (think whatsapp live camera call, playing sound doesnt recording mic.) require rtmp sound mute/unmute and video disable/enable on in active published live stream via buttons. require switch camera (back/front) while publish stream. require face beauty like filters. the developer component must be knowledgeable and knowledgeable at the technical level, we will have other needs. we used this component with licensed; flashavconverter.com/content/mobile-live-camera-publish-for-delphi but lot of problem available developers cant fix its, we cant getting support, doesnt giveing answer.