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  1. JDS2018

    Open PDF File

  2. JDS2018

    Open PDF File

    Nothing Happen,it wont open. i am not have that Experience with coding i am just beginner, what is the best way to Open Pdf file when i give File Path ? Can you help me please i am using Delphi 10.2
  3. JDS2018

    Open PDF File

    Var application, appParams, fileName, shellParams: string; How to open PDF File in Delphi using ShellExecute application := 'AcroRd32.exe'; appParams:= '/A "zoom=100=OpenActions"'; fileName := 'C:\test.pdf'; shellParams := Format('%s "%s"', [appParams, fileName]); ShellExecute(Handle, nil, PChar(application), PChar(shellParams), nil, SW_SHOW); this not working, pdf open and says file cannot to be open, but if i open manfully its open no issue
  4. Hi can you help me with How to Get Android Phone Battery Percentage in Delphi 10.4
  5. JDS2018

    Year Countsdown

    Hi Can Someone help me on below i need to make app count down for 1 Year Let Say if i set Date for 2021 Dec 31 need to see to the Set Date How Many Year , months , Days , Hours , Mints, Seconds Left
  6. JDS2018


    Hi i am trying to use Genosite PDFTool gtPDFEngine component, once i use this i am getting following error [dcc32 Fatal Error] Unit1.pas(7): F2613 Unit 'gtClasses3' not found. i have install correctly and given the path to library ok i am using Delphi 10.3.3 any one can help me on this
  7. JDS2018

    Add test to Stringgrid

    Hi can you some one help me on below i have edit1, edit2 edit3, edit4 i need to add add text from edit boxs to string grid when i click add Button , i am using multi device Windows application for Windows , on Delphi 10.3
  8. JDS2018

    How to generate Report from String grid Data to PDF

    can you give sample code please i am not familiar much
  9. How to Generate Report from String grid or table to PDF from Android App in FMX 10.3.3
  10. JDS2018

    FireDAC SQLite error upon table open

    Keep all The Query components in data-module, if you keep FDconnection and Query or table in another form this error gives, i had the same issue. so then i kept all tables in side Data-module , its work fine.
  11. JDS2018

    Local Fonts

    I try But Still Same Issue
  12. i am using Delphi 10.3.3, and i develop app for Android with local language fonts (Sinhala Sri Lankan Language), same font i can see in my mobile no issue, but when use the same font for my app fonts shows weird, for your reference i am attaching 2 screenshot with the app and same text with my mail phone and the fonts i use. and i already add to the deployment, and given the path .\assets\internal as well still the problem same, if you can help me i relay appreciate, since i am not professional developer still i am just learner, Noto Sans Sinhala.ttf
  13. JDS2018

    Local Fonts

    Hi i am using Delphi 10.3.3 and i am trying to Use Local Fonts (Sinhalese Fonts (Sri Lankan)), in Design mood in PC Its shows perfect, when i run in android phone Fonts not display in proper, same fonts i can see properly in in Whatsup without any issue is there any way how to fix this fonts issue ?
  14. JDS2018

    Delete Error With Delphi and Access Table

    This is the code but still same error Query.SQL.Add('Delete From Ledger'); Query.SQL.Add('Where LedgerDate between '''+StartDate+ ''' AND '''+EndDate+'''');
  15. Hi i am using MS Access Database With Delphi RAD Studio 10.1 and i am trying to Delete All the Records Between 2 Days with following SQL StartDate:= ''; EndDate:= ''; StartDate:=FormatDateTime('m/d/yyyy',DStartDate.Date); EndDate:=FormatDateTime('m/d/yyyy',DEndDate.Date); Query.SQL.Add('Delete * From Ledger'); Query.SQL.Add('Where LedgerDate between '''+ StartDate +''' And'''+ EndDate+''); but when i run i am getting error please check the attach image if any one can tell me what is the issue , relay appreciate. thanks