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  1. Unfortunately, I see nothing in Delphi that would allow you to use that flag in this situation. TDirectory.GetFiles() is just a wrapper for a typical SysUtils.FindFirst/Next() loop, so it handles whatever files and directories that loop would normally report. If a Package file is treated as if it were a directory (ie FindFirst/Next() returns TSearchRec.Attr with the faDirectory flag set), then TDirectory.GetFiles() is going to recurse into the Package's content if the SearchOption parameter is set to soAllDirectories (as it is in your example). Also, more importantly, FindFirst/Next() simply don't use the FileManager API to enumerate files, they use the POSIX opendir() and readdir_r() functions instead, which have no such skip-Package flag available. Unfortunately, the TDirectory.GetFiles() predicate is only called for files and not for directories (ie, only for items that do not have the faDirectory attribute). Which makes sense, since TDirectory.GetFiles() is looking for only files to add to its output array, so there is no point in it filtering out directories. To prevent TDirectory.GetFiles() from recursing into Packages automatically, you would have to call it with its SearchOption parameter set to soTopDirectoryOnly (which is its default value), and then manually call TDirectory.GetFiles() for any non-Package sub-directory you are interested in. Of course, TDirectory.GetFiles() won't report directories to you, so you would have to use a separate call to TDirectory.GetDirectories() (with SearchOption=soTopDirectoryOnly) and filter out the Packages as needed. Which means, your enumeration time is going to double from having to scan each directory twice. So, in this case, you will likely have to use the FileManager API directly, and not use TDirectory at all.
  2. Remy Lebeau

    MessageBox is hidden by a modal form

    To the Application->OnGetActiveFormHandle event, not to the Application->FOnGetActiveFormHandle data member. But yes, you get the idea. Not set a Form as active, no. The RTL is querying you to choose which Form window should be considered "active" at that moment. So, you would need to enumerate your existing Forms and decide which one you want the MessageBox to be on top of. But you don't actually make that Form window be focused. The RTL is merely establishing a Z-Order relationship between the MesageBox and its Owner window. It is not moving input focus around.
  3. Remy Lebeau

    MessageBox is hidden by a modal form

    Agreed. I never understood why they did that in the first place, and why it was never updated to use String parameters instead.
  4. Remy Lebeau

    [Solved] Can't build project using TJson

    Why would it? If all you did was add an #include statement to your code, the IDE is not smart enough to know which library to automatically add to the project to make the code in that header file link correctly. It doesn't even know what code is in that header file until the compiler is invoked, and by then it is too late. The IDE can do automatic linkage of libraries only for components that are dropped on a Form/Frame/DataModule in the Designer. Did you do that for the REST components? I'm guessing no. But this issue is not specific to just REST, it applies to any library. For non-designtime code, you are responsible for setting up your project with any necessary library references as needed.
  5. Remy Lebeau

    [Solved] Can't build project using TJson

    You are not linking to the BPL library that implements TJson. Try adding a reference to the RESTComponents.bpi file to your project.
  6. Remy Lebeau

    MessageBox is hidden by a modal form

    Which *should* be returning the modal Form's window, if the modal Form has focus at the time TApplication.MessageBox() is called. It should be noted that if no *active Form* window is found, then TApplication.MessageBox() uses the hidden TApplication window, which is what allows the MessageBox dialog to appear behind Form windows. You could alternatively just call the Win32 MessageBox() API directly (or TaskDialog/Indirect() instead), specifying the desired Form window as its owner window.
  7. Remy Lebeau


    Your question is too broad. What is the specific issue you are having trouble with?
  8. You are using a Dark theme in the IDE, which presumably has white text elements defined. It sounds more like MJBComp simply has their Form's Color set to a dark color, which is not the same thing.
  9. Are you installing the IDE on Windows 7, by chance? Windows 7 (and 8 ) was dropped as a supported installation platform for the IDE in 10.4 Sydney (it is still supported as a target platform for compiled projects):
  10. Remy Lebeau

    Left side cannot be assigned to

    Other people have already explained why that doesn't work. But, if you really want it to make it work, you could declare your property as returning a PRectF pointer instead, eg: type TDrawingObject = class private ... FBoundsRect: TRectF; ... function GetBoundsRect: PRectF; public ... property BoundsRect: PRectF read GetBoundsRect; ... end; function TDrawingObject.GetBoundsRect: PRectF; begin Result := @FBoundsRect; end;
  11. It is not a file. In RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ are implemented as separate "personalities", each with its own toolchain, IDE settings, etc. Each project specifies which personality it targets. Think of personalities as the IDE plugins for implementing different programming languages. So, the "missing personality" error means the IDE can't find the Delphi personality installed. Which Community Edition did you actually install? There is no RAD Studio CE, there are only separate Delphi CE and C++Builder CE. This is covered in the Community Edition FAQs. You can't open Delphi projects in C++Builder CE, as there is no Delphi personality installed. To work with Delphi projects, you need either Delphi CE, or the full RAD Studio.
  12. Remy Lebeau

    Indy download and installation on Lazarus running on Ubuntu

    There is an installation guide in FPC's wiki: https://wiki.freepascal.org/Indy_with_Lazarus However, note that Indy is available in Lazarus' OPM, that is the easiest way to install Indy into Lazarus. I think that version is a few months behind in updates from Indy's GitHub repo, so I'll ping GetMem to get that updated to the latest.
  13. Remy Lebeau

    Getting input from a TListBox and continuing execution

    That is what I was thinking, too.
  14. Remy Lebeau

    TEdit Text cannot align vertical centered

    The link works fine for me. Or, did you mean that the *information* presented on the linked page doesn't work for you?
  15. Remy Lebeau

    Indy OpenSSL static linking

    FYI, that is already on Indy's radar: #410 Support YuOpenSSL Since the migration path from OpenSSL 1.1.1 to 3.0 is fairly minimal, I wonder why they don't support 3.0 for Indy.