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Found 1 result

  1. Dear fellows, I'd like to change the format code action assignment to Ctrl+Alt+Shfit+F, because Ctrl+D is very easy to hit unintentionally. Based on articles I found ou there I was able to simply kill it, but now I need to simply reassign its hot key, and I am at a total loss here. I have a very vage remembrance of coming across sample code for OTAPI that was an actual keyboard mapping, it was quite a while ago , I'm not sure I really did. I took a wild guess from what found and tried The relevant section of wat I did so far is procedure TMelhoriasEditor.BindKeyboard(const BindingServices: IOTAKeyBindingServices); var LBindingRec : TKeyBindingRec; LFmtKeyBidingProc : TKeyBindingProc; begin (BorlandIDEServices as IOTAKeyboardServices) .LookupKeyBinding([Shortcut(Ord('D'), [ssCtrl])],LBindingRec); LFmtKeyBidingProc := LBindingRec.KeyProc; BindingServices.AddKeyBinding( [ Shortcut( Ord('F'), [ssCtrl,ssAlt,ssShift] ) ], LFmtKeyBidingProc, nil ); BindingServices.AddKeyBinding([Shortcut(VK_INSERT, [ssCtrl,ssAlt,ssShift])], AlternarModoInsercao, nil); BindingServices.AddKeyBinding([Shortcut(VK_INSERT, [])], MatarTecla, nil); BindingServices.AddKeyBinding([Shortcut(VK_RETURN, [ssCtrl])], InserirLinhaAbaixo, nil); BindingServices.AddKeyBinding([Shortcut(VK_RETURN, [ssShift])], InserirLinhaAbaixo, nil); // BindingServices.AddKeyBinding([Shortcut(Ord('D'), [ssCtrl])], MatarTecla, nil); end; Could some kind soul put me in the right track, please? Also, am I dreaming about having seen such code for a keyboard mapping? Thank you very much. -- Carlos