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  1. jbg

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    A new development snapshot of IDE Fix Pack for 10.3 Rio is available. The Win64 (DCC64) and Android (DCCAARM) compiler patches should now work as excepted. Changes: Added: Support for Delphi 10.3 Rio Added: Fix for TStringList.IndexOfName bug (RSP-21633) Added: Fix for access violoation in the Welcomepage JScript9.dll binding Added: TCustomListBox.ResetContent is skipped if the handle isn't created yet Added: DFM Streaming optimizations Added: FillChar uses Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB cpu feature if available for large sizes. Added: Enabled CPU LOCK string assignment optimization for local variables Added: -Oe (experimental optimizations) and -x-cgo compiler option extension (Remove of some unneccessary push/pop operations) Added: Expression Evaluator allows array access to pointers even if the type wasn't declared with {$POINTERMATH ON} Added: New compiler option extensions: -x--compileonly, -x--reslist, -x--depfile, -x--unitstats Added: More performance optimization for the DCC64 compiler Added: TStringBuilder.SetLength optimization [RSP-19178] Added: TStrings.GetDelimitedText optimization Fixed: Packages with duplicate units may not have caused a fatal compiler error. IDEFixPackD103Reg64.7z fastdccD103vDev.7z
  2. Remy Lebeau


    I'm here!
  3. The DDevExtensions 2.85 and the DFMCheck 1.6 are now available for Delphi 10.3 Rio. DDevExtensions Changelog Added: Support for Delphi 10.3 Rio Added: Use Unit dialog option “Every unit on a single line” Improved: UnitSelector Dialog in Delphi 2009 opens much faster Fixed: Structure-View search dropdown had a max height of 2 items Downloads
  4. Dalija Prasnikar

    My first Delphi 10.3 impressions

    Please fix IDE bugs! We have new icons Please fix IDE bugs! There is barely working dark theme Please fix IDE bugs!!! Now light IDE theme is broken too. I don't mind UI improvements, but IMO this were the wrong ones. I should probably say - I would not have anything against visual UI changes as long as they work properly. Visual changes are (should be) easier to implement than fixing some deeper IDE issues. But, currently IDE is falling apart left and right. Just because it looks better (depending on how you define better - my eyes cannot stand bluish theme for more than 10 minutes) it does not mean that it works better or is more usable.
  5. jbg

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    There are still 6 patches collections (about 30 function patches) that I have to reimplement. At least the Win64 compiler doesn't crash anymore. So it will still take a lot of time to get a usable release version.
  6. Uwe Raabe

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    There is an unofficial download available for MMX Code Explorer with Delphi 10.3 Rio support. Unofficial because it didn't have had much testing yet due to some incompatibilities found during the beta phase. One of this results in the loss of the MMX editor context menu entry. Another big change ist that MMX version 14.x only supports Delphi 10 Seattle and higher. For that, version 13 will still be available for download and installations for older Delphi versions should keep working. I had to make this cut to avoid wasting too much time just to make it work and test it on those older versions. Nevertheless there are some features and bug fixes: Unit Dependency Analyzer is now dockable (so you can see immediately when you introduce cyclic dependencies) New settings page Project Options (currently contains only the setting for Uses Clause Sorting). These settings are stored per project in a separate section of the dproj file. Uses Clause Sorting accepts lists like (ToolsApi,DesignIntf) as one group. This only affects grouping, so the order inside this list is not relevant. Uses Clause Sorting accepts wildcards like Rz* (for Raize Components) or Id* (for Indy) to better handle non-dotted unit names New sorting options "group class members" - keeps the class methods together fix: Wrong result when renaming parameter during Extract Method fix: Add Local Variable now also works with For-In clause fix: Hard coded string scan check for min length works correct now fix: Paste Interface in empty class just works now fix: Consolidated behavior of selected file in Open/Use Unit dialog fix: Creational Wizard follows static/non-static when suggesting destructors Some work has been done for supporting themes, but that is still a long road to go. Please report any bugs and problems found either here or via support@mmx-delphi.de.
  7. jbg

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    Fixed download links: IDEFixPackD103RegDev.7z fastdccD103vDev.7z
  8. Hi, I've had lots of enquiries recently about when Bookmarks and Navigator will have a version available for 10.3 - they've been updated and new features added for every release until now. I'm please to say they will be available with the upcoming version of RAD Studio (10.3.1) which is coming out soon. The reason for for being included, and for the lack of news about a 10.3-compatible release in the past month, is that the plugins have been acquired by Embarcadero and so will now ship with the IDE itself. This is great news. I wrote the plugins originally to add features I wanted to the IDE, and hundreds (thousands, actually!) of developers have given great feedback. It's great to know the features will be available to everyone. In addition, due to the pressures of work, I haven't had much time to maintain or extend them recently, and so having them under Embarcadero's wing means they'll live on and be developed as part of Delphi and C++Builder itself. More info in the linked post! - David
  9. I got it working now! First I changed the path setting back to the old value (on my machine it is "c:\Users\Uwe\AppData\Roaming\Parnassus OU\Common"). Then I copied the new DLL into that folder and renamed it to ParnassusCoreEditor_XRio.dll It seems that the DLL loader logic first looks for the "XRio" DLL and has a fallback to the original name. That way the different DLLs can coexist in the same folder and the XRio renaming allows for future version, too.
  10. Dalija Prasnikar

    Delphi, be better!

    "Focus on quality" actually means, we massively screw things up, and we need some time to clear this mess before we start adding new features. Having said that, all software has bugs, especially this complex (talking both about Delphi and Android Studio). New features generally add more bugs - both because they are new and not completely tested (in production) and because often they require changes in existing code, breaking old features, too. I am not going to compare how Google does things vs how Embarcadero does things, because it would be comparing apples to oranges. If nothing else Google releases updates almost on weekly basis. And when they really make mess, they will issue patch even on Sunday. On the other hand, those fast releases (Canary and Beta channel) are quite often really buggy, so you get what you ask for. But you have a choice and you can choose to use more or less stable update channels. As far as Android Studio stable releases and their quality is concerned, the whole 3.x series have been complete disaster. 3.0 was more or less OK, but everything else was nightmare until the latest patch. I cannot say that I am exactly thrilled with its quality and how long it took them to put things back on track (where they were). Not that I am thrilled with Delphi quality either. Point is, achieving quality is continuous process. While once in a while you can take the slow lane as far as new features are concerned and polish the stuff you already released, this is not something good per-se, nor something we should strive for. We need new features as desperately as we need quality. Both should go hand in hand. If there is constant struggle to maintain quality, then the whole development process needs to be reevaluated and improved, new features are not the real culprit.
  11. Just wanted to share my last blog post on changes to the Delphi language in 10.3: http://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/2018-november-custom-managed-records-delphi.html Still a bit rough in some details, but a very handy feature overall.
  12. It’s time for a gift to all Delphi developers, a new Release of GExperts. Happy Holidays! (But do spend some time with your family rather than testing GExperts. 😉 ) I blogged about the new features already. There were also several bug fixes. ... https://blog.dummzeuch.de/2018/12/22/gexperts-1-3-12-experimental-twm-2018-12-22-released/
  13. Dalija Prasnikar

    10.3 Consumes 45% of my CPU

    Because, in its infinite wisdom, IDE decided you need to brush up your debugging skills 😎
  14. Uwe Raabe

    ImageName vs. ImageIndex

    Who hasn't seen this before: A bunch of controls and actions are linked to an ImageList with an ImageIndex, but as soon as you sort this ImageList to give it a sensible order all controls immediately start to show the wrong images. Wouldn't it be cool if instead a cryptic number as ImageIndex you could specify a descriptive name at the control? Thus the order of images inside the ImageList wouldn't matter at all. Of course, the ImageList has to support names in the first place. TPngImageList from PngComponents does that right from the beginning. So what about implementing that feature based on TPngImageList? Can't be that hard, can it? Well, it turned out to be a bit more complex than I anticipated, but that's probably because I had set my goals pretty high. So I expected to have a selection from image names for the ImageIndex properties of the control and thus a display of the image name instead of just a number. Also this scheme should be extendable to other controls and especially to other ImageLists supporting names. From this the ImageIndexMapper was born. A non-visual component to be placed on a form or datamodule, that when activated takes care of the image names. You just have to call one method to resolve those names to the actual corresponding number values. The attached ZIP file contains all the sources and files for the component and design time support as well as a sample project (currently for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo only). As a prerequisite you have to use PngComponents from the above source. I suggest to use the recent version V1.5.0 with direct ImageIndexMapper support. Older versions require the contained PNG Support Package to be installed and add the corresponding unit to your uses clause somewhere in your project. Version 1.5.0 makes this obsolete, Presumably there is much room for improvement. Whoever finds some time to test this component - please forward any encountered bug to me. Here is a short GIF showing the switch from TPngImageList to TImageList (without name support) in the Object Inspector: https://www.screencast.com/t/4MbJkygjFR ImageIndexMapper.zip Cross Post: https://www.delphipraxis.net/198212-imagename-statt-imageindex.html#post1415709
  15. Stefan Glienke

    New in 10.3: IDE UI Improvements in the Main Window

    It will not get them more customers just because it's 64bit and runs out of memory later because all the instabilities and the compiler getting into a bad state because of compile errors or what not crashing the IDE will still be there as will the poor code tooling. Going the easy/cheap way every time is what puts Delphi and the IDE into the current situation of constantly having to react to external factors and tinker around edges. Sometimes I really have a hard time believing that or you just avoid certain features or have subconsciously developed a certain habit to do things differently. Or you just use it to prepare demos.
  16. MMX Code Explorer shows "Related Classes". When called from inside an interface it shows the implementing classes with navigation on click.
  17. I want to say a big Thank You to Daniel for providing a dedicated place for the MMX Code Explorer Community. This is much more that I would have been able to create by myself. Besides the website https://www.mmx-delphi.de/ this will be the most prominent place to announce new versions, answer questions and discuss new features.
  18. Did you know that you can edit binary files inside the IDE? Just open a binary file in the IDE and you get a simple HEX editor.
  19. Delphi/Rad Studio desperately needs a proper package/library/component manager. A package manager provides a standardized way of consuming third party libraries. At the moment, use of third party libraries is very much adhoc, and in many cases this makes it difficult to move projects between machines, or to get a new hire up and running quickly. Other development eco systems, like Ruby, .net and Javascript, recognised and solved this problem many years ago. Getting a Ruby, .net or Javascript project up an running, in a new working folder or new machine is trivial. Delphi Package Manager RFC
  20. johnnydp

    10.3.1 has been released

    Actually it's "EMB" text compression, probably they should patent it and proudly add in About product information. Much better than LZ4, LZO or LZMA, because it's 3d multilayer
  21. I have just uploaded the sources for the Code Coverage Plugin shown during my session at EKON 22 on Monday. Besides its functionality it may also give some guidance on writing IDE plugins in general. https://bitbucket.org/uweraabe/codecoveragemagician Tested only on Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo!
  22. Arnaud Bouchez

    What is the fastest way to check if a file exists?

    FindFirst is definitively the slowest. It needs at least two calls (+ FindClose), and maintain some state in-between. GetFileAtributes() is the fastest under Windows, and fpaccess/euidaccess on POSIX systems. Note that a fallback to FileAge() is needed in case of sharing violation: function FileExists(const FileName: string): Boolean; {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} // use GetFileAttributes: much faster than original, which uses FileAge=FindFirst var Attr: Integer; LastError: Cardinal; begin Attr := Integer(GetFileAttributesW(pointer(FileName))); if Attr <> -1 then Result := Attr and FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY = 0 else begin LastError := GetLastError; Result := (LastError <> ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) and (LastError <> ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND) and (LastError <> ERROR_INVALID_NAME) and // (use FileAge to test SHARE_EXCLUSIVE files) ((LastError = ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION) or (FileAge(FileName)<>-1)); end; end; {$ENDIF} {$IFDEF LINUX} begin Result := euidaccess(PChar(FileName), F_OK) = 0; end; {$ENDIF} (extracted from our Enhanced RTL source code) But the version currently included in Delphi 10.3 Rio SysUtils.pas is just as fast on Windows. On POSIX, it uses stats, which is slower than euidaccess().
  23. Arnaud Bouchez

    mORMot running on Delphi 10.3 Rio

    Now that Delphi 10.3 Rio is out, we had to ensure that our little mORMot would run with this revision. Since we don't make any commercial software with Delphi any more (we switched to FPC), I downloaded the Community Edition. We disabled the Error Insight feature, which seems not very stable especially with our mORMot complex units - as with previous Delphi versions. In respect to the previous "Starter" editions, this CE version includes everything you expect for good work: Win32 + Win64 + OSX + mobile compilers, and even the source code of the RTL and enabled command-line compilers! The IDE seems really refreshed with its new layout. You feel at home and with some modern and fresh air! Great work Embarcadero! Of course, the "Pro" and "Architect" features are missing (like FireDAC, DataSnap or RADServer). But mORMot is self-contained even for the database access, so with the CE you can write full-features REST/SOA client-servers and MVC web applications, with a simple ORM and high-performance OleDB/ODBC database access to SQlite3, MSSQL, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL and others (by-passing the TDataSet class for better performance) and even NoSQL like MongoDB. Ensure you follow the Embarcadero license terms when you use mORMot with the Community Edition. With Rio, the main breaking change was that the PCRE API switched from an UTF-8 to UTF-16, and did hide the UTF-8 function calls. But after a small patch, now everything works as expected - at least for our regression tests. See http://blog.synopse.info/post/2018/11/24/mORMot-running-on-Delphi-10.3-Rio
  24. More info here: http://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/new-in-rad-studio-10-3-options-dialog-improvements
  25. dummzeuch

    Welcome to the GExperts subforum

    Thanks to @Daniel for making this happen so fast. I hope this forum will serve as a replacement for the G+ community and the mailing list. There should be a RSS feed for it and Google (and other search engines) will index it. Please post bug reports and feature requests as tickets on source forge.