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  1. Strike has officially started https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/389811/moderation-strike-stack-overflow-inc-cannot-consistently-ignore-mistreat-an
  2. Be careful what you wish for, as you may actually get it.
  3. Since December Stack Overflow and other sites in the network have been spammed with AI generated answers which are usually incorrect while sounding plausible. To handle this problem moderators working with other users and Stack Overflow staff enacted the policy that bans all AI generated posts. Such posts are deleted and users can be suspended (usually for a week) for posting them. To get the better picture about the impact, we are talking about thousands of users and even more posts. See: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/421831/temporary-policy-chatgpt-is-banned However, last week the company enacted another policy which still allows moderators to moderate AI generated content, but effectively does not allow them to to use any means necessary for detecting such posts. In other words they can remove posts mostly if user admits post is AI generated. Allowing AI posts on sites will effectively kill the sites and elected moderators have decided to take an action and go on strike, along with other users of Stack Overflow and other sites in the stack Exchange network. Strike is scheduled to start tomorrow on Monday, Jun, 5th. Unofficial announcement of strike on Stack Overflow (there will be another announcement on the main Meta tomorrow) https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/424979/what-has-happened-to-lead-moderators-to-consider-striking If you have Stack Overflow or other Stack Exchange account please support the strike and sign the strike letter at https://openletter.mousetail.nl/ Signing is made by automatic authentication with Stack Exchange network account through browser if you decide to sign. You will have to enter display name you want to be displayed on the letter as some people have different display names on different sites. Thanks!
  4. Dalija Prasnikar

    Help needed - ANR on Android app UI refresh

    No worries. I am glad you were able to resolve the issue.
  5. Dalija Prasnikar

    Setting & Usage of TFormatSettings..

    If that is the requirement, then, yes, setting global FormatSettings variable will have that effect. You also need to change Application.UpdateFormatSettings to false, before you change global FormatSettings to avoid user changes to be applied if the application is already running. You also need to keep in mind that any code that does not use global FormatSettings will not be affected by changes in global variable. For instance Delphi JSON serialization uses fixed settings for serialization that are based on JSON format requirements. Any code that uses own settings will behave in similar way. I would still suggest that for serialization purpose and data persistence, you use separate FormatSettings variable as if (and when) specification changes and users are allowed to have their preferer format used for viewing purposes, it will be very hard to make separation afterwards and find all the places that need to use specific fixed format.
  6. Dalija Prasnikar

    Setting & Usage of TFormatSettings..

    No. If you say var FormatSettings ... you will declare new FormatSettingsVariable in the scope where you have written that code, that will have nothing to do with global FormatSettings variable. If you want to change the value of global FormatSettings variable you need to write FormatSettings := TFormatSettings.Create('en-AU') However, changing global FormatSettings variable is not advisable for several reasons: 1. FormatSettinsg is populated with user's locale. You should honor the user settings and present data to the user in format user has specified, not the one you think it should be. 2. If user changes locale settings while your application is running, those new settings will be applied to the global FormatSettings variable if the Application.UpdateFormatSettings is True (which it is by default) 3. FormatSettings beging a global variable are not thread-safe and if any other code changes those settings (and there has been such code out in the wild) and code running in threads that uses the global will be affected. Using formatting and parsing routines that use FormatSettings passed as additional parameter is the best choice for avoiding thread-safety and other issues as you will have the control over which settings are being used. 4. And the most important aspect, if you have code that relies on very specific values in FormatSettings, like serialization, should not depend on global FormatSettings variable but should have its own more scoped (and therefore more protected) TFormatSettings variable that will be set once and never change during the application lifetime. Using global FormatSettings for working with data that needs to be in some specific format is the fastest way to shoot yourself in the foot. No, you should not forget about it for reasons I specified above. Any formatting and parsing function that uses global FormatSettings variable will be affected by the change in global FormatSettings whether you change it or some other code. Yes. If you use functions that rely on global variable, they will use whatever value at the time is in that global variable.
  7. Dalija Prasnikar

    Android does not start

    Again, if application crashes inside Java wrapper side, then you cannot debug it with Delphi. You need to see what is exact error message and then Google what feature is this error connected to. Then look at changed requirements in the official Android documentation and make appropriate changes. Because native Java applications also suffer from same issues when upgrading, usually you can find plenty of resources which will give you answer about precise configurations needed even without going through official documentation. Creating new Delphi application and then including those problematic features can also help to pinpoint exact problem. Most likely there is some configuration problem in your application manifest. But there could be other issues, like wrong JAR libraries and similar. Once you get new Delphi application up and running, you can see the differences in configuration and apply necessary changes to the old one.
  8. Dalija Prasnikar

    Android does not start

    Android development is very different from Windows development. Most likely cause of problems are changes and requirements for newer Android OS that were introduced in the meantime. It has nothing to do with compiler nor Delphi language. Google releases new Android version every year and to comply with those new OS releases and ability to upload applications on Play Store, Delphi Android applications need to support new OS and new Android SDK. There have been numerous changes between 10.2.3 and D11.3 considering Android development and your old application most likely uses features that were subject to change and that require additional or changed configurations or code. Without knowing which features you are using, it is impossible to say what needs to be changed. You can find list of changes and new requirements between releases in official Android documentation https://developer.android.com/tools/releases/platforms Also Delphi Android application runs inside a wrapper and if application crashes due to misconfiguration inside that wrapper, it will crash before any Delphi code starts running. That is why you cannot debug it. To understand what is happening and why it crashed you need to look at native Android error logs - logcat.
  9. Dalija Prasnikar

    Problems with Delphi class structure / visibility

    Without seeing where LemGame is declared and how it is impossible to say why you have an error. It is also important to note that sometimes you may get error in the IDE (read squiggly lines) in some perfectly valid code. You should always try to compile code to see real errors. also, when you do get compiler error, you should fix them in order they appear as the first error can cause subsequent issues for the compiler and it is possible that compiler will show more errors in otherwise valid code. But, it seems like your main problem is not with Delphi but with OOP principles in general as you are trying to access properties in a class without creating instance of a class. Class is just a template from which object instances are created. Before you create object instance data (class fields and properties) don't exist in memory, so there is nothing you can access there. The exception to that are class fields, properties and methods that are additionally marked with class descriptor. Those can be accessed directly. They are basically global variables that are organized under class namespace. See https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Properties_(Delphi)#Class_Properties Purpose behind creating object instances from class before using them is that most of the time you will need more than one. For instance, you can have one global object instance of a game, but you will need more instances of game characters or other game objects. Think of it, class gives you description about attributes and functionality of a person, and when you construct object instances of that class you will get separate persons: Joe, Mike, Alice... I would advise you to read a bit about Delphi language and some basic concepts. good place to start is https://learndelphi.org/ and Delphi Language Guide https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Delphi_Language_Reference
  10. Dalija Prasnikar

    Loop a Delay in a thread??

    Counting is hard
  11. Dalija Prasnikar

    Loop a Delay in a thread??

    If you need to loop some code x times and break out on some condition, then the simplest logic would be: for i := 0 to x do begin if TEDBEngineSessionManager(DBSWhoIsOn.Handle).TryLock(1) then begin ... // if succesfull break out of the loop Break; end else TThread.Sleep(500); end;
  12. Dalija Prasnikar

    How can I allocate memory without raising exceptions ?

    Possible solutions in your scenario depends on what kind of string are you sending. Is it a predefined constant, or it is provided by the code in a thread, do you already have it in a string variable and just need a copy for posting., how large are those strings, is the data in string critical or is it just some discardable notification, what is your logic if there is not enough memory... Thanks for the compliments.
  13. Dalija Prasnikar

    How can I allocate memory without raising exceptions ?

    What exactly are you trying to do? This sounds like XY problem. See https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/66377/what-is-the-xy-problem Out of memory exception is recoverable if your application logic allows that at the moment it happens. For instance if there is enough free memory to do regular work, but there is not enough to load and process some large file user tries to open. This is why exception handlers are here for. So if you can logically recover from failing to allocate large string, you can just do the same using exception handlers. There will be no memory corruption when string allocation fails that will have negative effect on your application. While exception handling does have some small impact on performance, I seriously doubt that this will be your main problem comparing to all you would have to do to get even close to functionality you want to achieve. Delphi applications are full of exception handling (both direct and indirect) on all levels and applications are still running fast. For instance, merely declaring a string variable will insert hidden exception handling code around that string.
  14. Dalija Prasnikar

    Stack Overflow Developer Survey for 2023

    I noticed the grin... but there are plenty of people that don't know how Meta voting works, so I explained just in case, for anyone reading this.
  15. Dalija Prasnikar

    Stack Overflow Developer Survey for 2023

    Meta rules are different. Voting usually means disagreement, not that the post is close worthy. Also this is official post and they have different weight even when unpopular.