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  1. I'm the author of Zoom Player a Windows media player/home theater application. One of Zoom Player's features is that it scrapes information on the video file using multiple mechanism. Two of these mechanisms are somehow severely lagging my user interface even though I'm running the code in separate threads with Idle priority: 1. Running MediaInfo.dll on the media file. 2. Using a non-visual background directshow graph using LAV Filters (directshow filters) to extract a video frame from the video. Other than moving this functionality to completely separate processes, is there a method to ensure my UI (running in the main thread) remains responsive?
  2. Yaron

    Could not load OpenSSL library.

    I placed another copy of the DLLs under "Windows/SysWow64" and now it seems to find the DLLs. It would help debugging if calling "WhichFailedToLoad" or possibly the InnerException would return the GetLastError value from the LoadLibrary function.
  3. Yaron

    Could not load OpenSSL library.

    Running the same code on the server, GetLastError returns #126 "ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND", however the OpenSSL DLLs are both in the same path as the running DLL and in the Windows/System32 folder.
  4. Yaron

    Could not load OpenSSL library.

    I managed to debug the SSL DLL's LoadLibrary's GetLastError value and it's #193, which according to microsoft is "ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT". I don't belive the DLLs were corrupted, but just in case I downloaded the latest versions of the DLLs (v1.0.2.21) and no more errors on my local Win10 machine, but the Win2019 server is still triggering the same exceptions.
  5. Yaron

    Could not load OpenSSL library.

    I did further testing and it's also failing outside of IIS, when running as a normal process on my local Windows 10 machine (which I also recently upgraded from Windows 7 where the code worked fine). So is this issue possibly specific to Windows 10/2019?
  6. Yaron

    Could not load OpenSSL library.

    @Remy Lebeau I upgraded to a new server (Win2008 to Win2019) and now I'm getting the same issue (trying to send eMail via Amazon SES). This is inside an ISAPI 32bit dll that worked just fine when running under Windows 2008, but fails to send email when running under Windows 2019. I literally use the same code, same DLLs as the Win2008 machine, all DLLs (my DLL & SSL) are 32bit, everything else in the code works fine except for sending eMail using TLS (SSL). Inside IIS's application pool, the DLL is defined as 32bit, classic and "no managed code". When calling "smtp.send" (TIdSMTP), I get the following exception and additional info: 3/22/2020 10:00:49 AM [ 11854 ms] : SMTP Send Exception : SSL negotiation failed. 3/22/2020 10:00:49 AM [ 11854 ms] : Inner Exception : Could not load SSL library. 3/22/2020 10:00:49 AM [ 11855 ms] : WhichFailedToLoad : "Failed to load libeay32.dll." The DLLs are in the same folder as the ISAPI DLL, I also tried placing them in the Windows/System32 folder but it made no difference. Both "libeay32.dll" and "ssleay32.dll" are v1.0.2.19 and I'm using Delphi 10.3.3.
  7. Yaron

    Windows 10 vs Windows 7 debugging

    I'm not using a VM.
  8. Yaron

    Windows 10 vs Windows 7 debugging

    I don't think so, my versions of Delphi & Windows already include the fixes for that issue. I'm starting to think it may be the real-time protection that I had disabled in Win7 and is more difficult to disable in Win10.
  9. I recently upgrade my main development machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The major thing I noticed is that executing my app under the debugger is slower and file access (on an SSD drive) also seems impacted even though benchmarks show that read/write/io speeds are identical to Windows 7. Is this something anyone else encountered and possibly found a solution?
  10. Wouldn't inter-process communication severely lag this process?
  11. What is the best approach you would recommend for creating log files with output to multiple files and input coming from multiple threads (some threads writing into the same log file) with a volume that can reach 1000's of entries per second? Everything is running in a single process, so Critical section locks can be used and log entries must be flushed so they won't be lost in RAM if the process crashes.
  12. I prepared to post a question on how I can do this, but I actually reached a solution on my own while contemplating on how to best phrase the question and code. Since I searched and couldn't find good documentation on how to do this, I decided to post my solution here: Imagine a table with columns: NAME , TAGS , etc ... The TAGS column contains a string with multiple unique identifiers, for example "tag0001|tag0002|tag0003|tag0004". I'm only getting rows with a TAGS column that contains a sub-string I'm looking for (a specific tag) : sTAGUID := 'tag0002'; dbQuery.SQL.Text := 'SELECT * FROM CARDS_TABLE WHERE (POSITION(:taguid,TAGS) > 0) ORDER BY LOWER(NAME) ASC;'; Try dbQuery.Prepare; dbQuery.ParamByName('taguid').AsString := sTAGUID; dbQuery.Open; If dbQuery.RecordCount > 0 then While dbQuery.Eof = False do Begin New(nEntry); ExtractCardQuery(dbQuery,nEntry^); cardList.Add(nEntry); dbQuery.Next; End; finally dbQuery.free end;
  13. I would like to integrate Ad support for my Delphi 7 desktop application (I also have Delphi 10.3.3 which I could possibly use to create a DLL which would integrate into the D7 app). Has anyone here ever create a Delphi desktop app that's supported by advertising? This model is very prevalent in the mobile world, but on the desktop, I haven't found a lot of information. I could easily integrate google ads, but I believe they do not allow ads within desktop applications. Microsoft seems to allow Ads (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/store/monetize/ads-in-apps), but the API is designed for UWP apps (am I mistaken?) and I'm not sure how to go about the integration process. Do you suggest other Ad networks that would integrate nicely with Delphi?
  14. Using Delphi 10.3.3: My goal is to have a stable client/server remote control over TCP/IP that can automatically recover in cases where the network disconnects occasionally. I use a structure Remi suggested of creating a reading thread that tries to readln with a 1sec time out: FClient.OnDisconnected := OnDisconnect; FClient.IOHandler.ReadTimeout := 1000; // lets us exit the read operation after 1sec of inactivity While Terminated = False do Begin If FClient.Connected = True then Try FData := FClient.IOHandler.ReadLn(IndyTextEncoding_UTF8); Except // catch exception & update UI Try If FClient.Connected = True then FClient.Disconnect; except on E: Exception do Begin // Catch disconnect exception End; end; End; End; I have a client PC connected to a router via cable and the server PC connected to the same router via WiFi. After connecting the client to the server, I disconnect the server's wifi access and absolutely nothing happens (I waited over a minute). The OnDisconnected event isn't triggered, calling FClient.IOHandler.ReadLn doesn't return any exception and FClient.Connected remains True. If I then try to call FClient.IOHandler.WriteLn, within about 10 seconds a "Socket Error # 10054 - Connection reset by peer" exception is raised on the ReadLn code about (not on the WriteLn function). In that exception, I call "If FClient.Connected = True then FClient.Disconnect" which raises another "Socket Error # 10054 - Connection reset by peer" exception. Finally, my code loops to the beginning and then the same exception is triggered on the initial "If FClient.Connected = True" line. Obviously, I'm not handling things correctly, I wasn't expecting "If FClient.Connected" to raise exceptions and I was hoping the OnDisconnect event to trigger, but are there other pitfalls I might be missing?
  15. On Android, RTL text (e.g. Hebrew) appears in reverse order (letter order is reversed). Using the same code, & input (YouTube DATA API 3) and the text appears correctly in windows. I searched the web and the only reference I was able to find is a post from five years ago that says RTL is not supported and there is no roadmap entry for future support: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28494354/right-to-left-language-in-delphi-xe7-mobile-android Has anything changed since?