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  1. Brandon Staggs

    Why does IDE require UAC elevation when starting?

    Some of the worst offending software is "mainstream" anti-malware, in my experience. I have lost count of how many sudden problems were the result of mainstream security software screwing things up. Not saying that is the problem here, but the lengths you went to to make your Delphi IDE start up are extreme and would not happen "naturally" with Windows and the Delphi installer.
  2. Brandon Staggs

    What do you think of "Local Global variables"

    Variables declared before or below sub-procedures are a way to control variable scope. The use of sub-procedures/functions can be a way to clarify the code in the main procedure by moving implementation of if/then logic out of the way, or to facilitate re-use inside of that procedure, when the author doesn't feel it appropriate to move the code into a class method instead. Personally, I most often use sub-procedures to make code easier to follow in the main method implementation, when that code is not relevant to the rest of the class and shouldn't be part of its interface (private or otherwise). However, when I do this, if I start making several sub-procedures, it's a signal to me that I should probably be refactoring or making a new class for that work.
  3. Brandon Staggs

    Why does IDE require UAC elevation when starting?

    Well, none of that should be necessary. I've never had to run as admin or approve an elevation prompt to use Delphi, including with version 12. Is it possible you are using "tools" that "optimize" your registry, or that you're using really crappy anti-virus that might be causing these problems, like WebRoot, etc?
  4. Brandon Staggs

    What is the best AI at Delphi

    I've had some success with https://www.phind.com/search?home=true but lately just the built-in copilot in Windows has been sufficient. But I never rely on AI for copy-and-paste solutions.
  5. Brandon Staggs

    Exception logging/reporting on MacOS?

    You have likely lost sight of my original comment, which was simply that it would not surprise me if the guy who wrote this component is hoping to have it acquired. I am not and will not argue that they would or should. It is plainly obvious that they have done things just like this in the past, is what I am saying. And since he's already sold stuff to Emba that is now part of Delphi, and he's not making much of an effort to make this a long term viable product by itself (you pointed out the lifetime license)... It's all speculation, of course. Again, they have done this many times. Some of the basic functionality we now have in the IDE came from Castalia. The entire FMX framework was originally acquired from the guy who wrote SmartCrashLog. They recently acquired Parnassus tools filling gaps in their IDE functionality. They pulled in Skia code they didn't write. It's not far-fetched to posit they could acquire more functionality they don't want to make for themselves especially to fill such a wide, gaping, black hole like this. Should they do it that way, in this instance? I don't know. I didn't say they should.
  6. Brandon Staggs

    Exception logging/reporting on MacOS?

    The other problem I have in testing the trial version is that I can't use it in projects that have bug fixes to RTL/VCL/FMX source files, because the source is not available to recompile against the ones I am using. I don't blame him for not including source in the trial version, but the order page does not say whether or not you get source. In fact he doesn't even show what the license is. I've emailed him for clarification on these issues, and also asked about the bugs with the current trial version (no line numbers or function names), but haven't heard back. I looked into how SmartCrashLog installs and works, which you have to puzzle out yourself since there is literally no documentation (just silent youtube videos showing someone making a prokect). It looks like every time you build a Release version of your project, it stashes a copy of the EXE into a data folder and adds it to a local SVN repository. This is how he's able to manage getting crash logs from any released version and match it up. That's an interesting idea, but I also need this to work on my own debug builds that I am deploying to other machines on my network, and he explicitly blocks using this in a debug build, probably to avoid filling up the SVN repo. It would be good if I could at least maintain the most recent debug build in there so I can use this in my own iterative debugging. This seems like a promising project but in the end I would be satisfied with a simple call stack with line numbers that is copied to the clipboard when an exception is encountered.
  7. Brandon Staggs

    Exception logging/reporting on MacOS?

    And did they sell one extra license when they acquired Raize components and eventually made them available at no extra cost? Doubtful, but who knows. Your argument here makes no sense to me, because Embarcadero has a track record of acquiring components and integrating them into the IDE. (Not saying this is a great track record, it's just a fact.) Anyways, the lack of even a bare-bones call stack reporting window in the base product is a ridiculous large gaping hole, and they could plug that hole by acquiring this component, as they have acquired so many others in the past. But, as has been pointed out already, they already have code that unwinds the stack on every supported target, so it seems like they are making an active choice to exclude this functionality. I can't understand that. Debugging and testing on MacOS is many orders of magnitude more difficult than it needs to be, and adding bare-bones call stack reporting would go a long way to improving the situation. Sometimes I get the feeling I am the only one even using FMX on MacOS.
  8. Brandon Staggs

    Exception logging/reporting on MacOS?

    Are you using this? I've downloaded the trial version and installed it on Delphi 12 Patch 1. After using the stack trace symbolizer it reports line number 1 for every item in the trace. It also appears to disallow using it if the application is built in Debug mode, which is an odd choice. I have sent an email to their support address asking about it, but just in case you're using it, I thought I'd ask.
  9. Brandon Staggs

    Drag and DPR

    That's actually quite impressive.
  10. Brandon Staggs

    How to never hide second form ?

    What you should probably do is drop a breakpoint and follow all of the code that happens when you minimize the main form. You'll see what is being done in FMX and what you may need to change to get the behavior you want.
  11. Brandon Staggs

    Exception logging/reporting on MacOS?

    It wouldn't surprise me if he was hoping to have it acquired by Embarcadero like Firemonkey.
  12. Brandon Staggs

    Exception logging/reporting on MacOS?

    Wow, this looks promising. Thanks!!
  13. Brandon Staggs

    Exception logging/reporting on MacOS?

    FMX project with MacOS target. Anyone else doing this, have you found a satisfactory way to get reports of runtime exceptions? On Windows we can choose from madExcept or EurekaLog, and I cannot find anything like that for FMX projects on MacOS. When running via PAServer one can at least read exceptions in the logging output, but more often than not, carefully placed Asserts for debug builds in the hands of testers (no PAServer) which are very helpful in Windows are useless on Mac, just killing threads or silently blowing up with a disappearing window...
  14. Brandon Staggs

    Convert Visual Studio 2012 code to Delphi

    I started reading this thread from the beginning after a long weekend. Gotta say, I did NOT see the end coming. 5/5, would recommend!
  15. He explained this earlier. He needs to be able to test operation of code with different dates (past, future). Seems legitimate to me; I've had to do this kind of thing but using RunAsDate has always been sufficient.