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  1. salvadordf

    Proxy for TEdgeBrowser/Webview2?

    Sorry for the shameless promotion but BriskBard allows you to set any proxy.
  2. salvadordf

    Proxy for TEdgeBrowser/Webview2?

    The WebView2 API doesn't have any interface to use custom proxy settings but you can use the Chromium command line switches. If you use TEdgeBrowser then you will have to create an ICoreWebView2EnvironmentOptions instance with those switches and pass it as a parameter in CreateCoreWebView2EnvironmentWithOptions. However, if you decide to use WebView4Delphi then all this is already implemented and you only have to set the GlobalWebView2Loader.ProxySettings properties. At this time, any WebView2 wrapper will only allow you to set the proxy settings once. If your application needs to change the proxy settings multiple times at run-time then you need to use CEF4Delphi.
  3. salvadordf

    My new project : WebView4Delphi

    I haven't checked that. Sometimes this is just the result of some temporal issue in the Google servers and they fix it but sometimes this a deliberate safety measure from Google against all embedded browsers. Try using a modern Firefox user agent string.
  4. salvadordf

    My new project : WebView4Delphi

    I just published a new project in GitHub called WebView4Delphi. WebView4Delphi allows you to embed Chromium based web browsers in your Delphi or Lazarus applications using the WebView2 runtime. It uses the latest stable version of the WebView2 nuget package 1.0.1054.31. I used many of the tricks I learned creating CEF4Delphi and you will notice many similarities if you used it. I still have to write the documentation but you can build the available demos to see it working in VCL, FMX and Lazarus apps. There are a few things pending like the "windowless mode". It's being distributed with a simple MIT license so anyone can do whatever s/he wants with it. https://github.com/salvadordf/WebView4Delphi
  5. salvadordf

    CEF4DELPHI - How to get permisions to use Webcam and Microphone ?

    Check these points : Assuming you use Windows 10, check if you can make that camera work with the "Camera" app. Install Chrome or Chromium 84. Ideally you should try to install 84.0.4147.89 and make the camera tests with the latest CEF4Delphi version from GitHub. Test your camera with Chrome/Chromium on webcamtoy.com. Open the SimpleBrowser2 demo and add GlobalCEFApp.EnableMediaStream := True; before the GlobalCEFApp.StartMainProcess call in the DPR file. Connect your camera, build the demo and test it in webcamtoy.com. If your camera works on a similar Chrome version then it should work with the SimpleBrowser2 demo or any other CEF application.
  6. salvadordf

    CEF4DELPHI - How to get permisions to use Webcam and Microphone ?

    After reading your code again I see that you're disabling the GlobalCEFApp.MultiThreadedMessageLoop property. It's recommended that Windows applications keep GlobalCEFApp.MultiThreadedMessageLoop enabled. Only in some cases you can consider disabling it but then you should use a "External Message Pump".
  7. salvadordf

    CEF4DELPHI - How to get permisions to use Webcam and Microphone ?

    Hi, I added GlobalCEFApp.EnableMediaStream := True; to the DPR file of the SimpleBrowser2 demo and I could see the video from my cheap webcam in webcamtoy.com About the registration issue, send me a PM with your username and I'll activate it manually.
  8. salvadordf

    GUI automation tool for Firemonkey apps ?

    @Andrea Raimondi It would be used to test the whole application but they would like to be able to check every control property. I also asked this question in other places and it seems that all we have is mouse and keyboard events automation. Some tools like "Sikulix" also have OCR and image finding functions.
  9. salvadordf

    GUI automation tool for Firemonkey apps ?

    I've been asked to find a GUI automation tool for a Firemonkey desktop application for Windows. There're several tools that work for VCL applications but I can't find anything for FMX apps. Many well known tools can't find the FMX controls and they can only simulate mouse and keyboard events, compare screenshots, OCR, etc. All I could find is this StackOverflow question : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30197921/how-can-i-automate-delphi-firemonkey-ui-testing-without-access-to-source-code That question has 2 suggestions : - Use the "FireMonkey Accessibility Package". - Build a "Test harness". The "FireMonkey Accessibility Package" for Delphi 10.2 is here : https://cc.embarcadero.com/Item/30780 It seems to work with Delphi 10.3 if we apply this fix : https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-25532 My question to all of you is this : What GUI automation tool do you use for Firemonkey applications? Are we limited to building "Test harnesses" or using the "FireMonkey Accessibility Package"? Thanks!