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  1. Brian Evans

    RAD Studio 12 Update 1 IDE Instability

    For code navigation I use MMX Code Explorer which was taken over by Uwe Raabe and is available for free. I have a large wide screen monitor so docking the MMX navigation panes works well. A New Home for ModelMaker Code Explorer™ – MMX (mmx-delphi.de) MMX – speed up your Delphi development (mmx-delphi.de)
  2. Brian Evans

    RAD Studio 12 Update 1 IDE Instability

    Early on I read the terms for the Parnassus stuff, and it included text about sending system information back to them. I have avoided them since because the code to do that often hangs the IDE or causes issues when a security system/IDS/IDP blocks such collection and communication. From the Data section of : License Agreement - Parnassus OÜ
  3. Brian Evans

    Delphi Clipboard - WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATE (sent, but no changes)

    Windows messes with the clipboard so higher integriity processes do not see/get content put there by lower integrity processes. This may be the source of the extra change messages. The problem tasks you list all run with a High integrity level while most things like File Explorer run with Medium. Might have to keep track of the clipboard content and check it is has really changed (not just went from empty to having something or the reverse).
  4. Brian Evans

    What are the performance profilers for Delphi 12?

    There is Nexus Quality Suite | NexusDB which "works with Delphi 5 to Rad Studio 12 Yukon and beyond!". It has a long lineage as it is a successor to the long defunct TurboPower Sleuth QA Suite. A book is available on high performance Delphi which has a free chapter on profiling: Delphi High Performance - Second Edition | Packt (packtpub.com) that covers various tools.
  5. Brian Evans

    Why does IDE require UAC elevation when starting?

    Note Windows does not allow drag and drop from a lower privileged process to a higher privileged one. It is part of UIPI (User Interface Privilege Isolation). If you run Delphi elevated the default file explorer which runs as a regular user will have issues with dropping to Delphi.
  6. Brian Evans

    FireDac in memory dataset filter before iterate?

    Usually start with the bottom question/answer from: TFDMemTable Questions - RAD Studio (embarcadero.com) especially the use of BeginBatch / EndBatch.
  7. Brian Evans

    Flow Chart Software??

    Google Drawings does a decent job.
  8. Brian Evans

    how to delete TFDTable after open

    This might not apply but: most databases have temporary tables of various lifetimes. SQLite has temporary tables that are database session specific and go away on their own when the session is closed.
  9. Brian Evans

    Changing sa password with Delphi

    Darn seems SQL Server doesn't allow the password to be parameterized. An odd quirk. Two options I can think of : passing parameterized values into a chunk of SQL that then creates dynamic SQL and runs that (ex: answer to c# - How to change a sql login password with variables - Stack Overflow) or turning preprocessing off in FireDAC ( qry.ResourceOptions.PreprocessCmdText := false; ) for the query.
  10. The Call Stack window should be showing it during program execution when it hits the breakpoint.
  11. Brian Evans

    Changing sa password with Delphi

    You could pass the password as a parameter to avoid any FireDAC string/macro processing. Use one of the ExecSQL overloads to get rid of the housekeeping lines. qry.ExecSQL('ALTER LOGIN sa WITH PASSWORD = :PASSWORD',['newPASSWD'],[ftString]);
  12. Brian Evans

    Changing sa password with Delphi

    Your password strings as posted are infested with zero width non-breaking spaces at differing locations.
  13. Brian Evans

    ...cannot contact a domain controller..

    Check the Info tab in the FireDAC Connection Editor after trying to connect. As well not sure what you mean by: "I've set up a Windows credential that seems to work"
  14. Brian Evans

    Delphi 12.1 is available

    Looks like registry keys from old releases came along for the ride for some users.
  15. Just looked for public/free servers and could not find any. Only paid access mostly targeted at those who want access to binary groups. The Internet Archive does have some collections of Usenet traffic. So far only see one for comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc and it looks to only go as far back to mid 1997 as well. In mbox format presented as a zip file containing one large text file. usenet-comp directory listing (archive.org)