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  1. Brian Evans

    dbchart lines, not getting results desired

    You need to add a series per record.
  2. Looks like Evaluate/Modify does not like that dynamic array syntax in the expression. Quick test moving it outside and the expression IndexText ('3',Nums) evaluates at the breakpoint without problems. const Nums : array of string = ['1','2','3']; idx := IndexText('3',Nums);
  3. Brian Evans

    Delphi 12 - Action Bar Menu painting issues with RDS

    It is an ActionMainMenuBar and the odd behavior, the mouse over highlighting makes menu entries darker and darker each time the mouse passes over them, is apparent in the Windows Sandbox after copying the project's EXE there. The form already has DoubleBuffered set to false which is all the new DoubleBufferedMode does to help over a RD connection. Changing the form width after the menu is darkened makes the menu redraw and it does so correctly. Looking at differences in Vcl.ActnMenus.pas between 11.x and 12 the draw code changed to add some styling and MDI support however reverting changes doesn't have any effect even in TCustomMDIMenuButton.Paint. A TMainMenu does not have the odd behaviour.
  4. Brian Evans

    Crowdstrike antivirus killing Delphi

    It has come up before: Crowdstrike killing Delphi 11.2 - General Help - Delphi-PRAXiS [en] (delphipraxis.net) In general, for antivirus software it can be helpful to exclude or limit the real time scanning of developer tools (so Delph install directories etc) and software project directories (where source files and compiled files are placed).
  5. Brian Evans

    Getit / my.embacadero and quality down?

    I was able to access Quality Central for a bit but now get 504 gateway errors. Getit in Delphi 12 currently hangs the IDE for a while until the window comes up and is then stuck on Searching. I have noticed long weekends attract more login attempts from spammers using compromised account information from other sites hoping some users re-used passwords. They hope to run amok until the following workday. The automated tools spammers use to check millions of compromised credentials can put a very heavy load on servers unless steps are taken to protect them. The Embarcadero servers get overloaded often unfortunately.
  6. Any luck with what the help topic says? Or does that just apply to the form's interior? http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Athens/en/Customizing_FireMonkey_Applications_with_Styles#Form_Style
  7. Brian Evans

    Delphi 12 internal errors

    Far as I know beta invites went out to all (most?) update subscription holders around 12 Aug which is when I got mine. What blocked you from participating?
  8. Not all Windows setting pages have migrated to the new Settings App (the thing that won't open for you). Some can be gotten to by using the older Control Panel. Some entries in the older Control Panel just bring up pages in the new Settings App but not all. Like Control Panel -> Programs > Uninstall a program which brings up the older uninstall UI instead of the newer one from the Settings App. The older uninstall UI also has View installed updates option in the left column that can used to uninstall some Windows updates. Are you saying the older Control Panel doesn't open for you either? Below is an image with the newer Settings App on the left and the older Control Panel interface on the right.
  9. Brian Evans

    get gdi render output of invisible form

    You could use the GTK-Broadway backend to run a FmxLinux application as HTML5 on the browser. FireMonkey for Linux - RAD Studio (embarcadero.com) FmxLinux - HTML5 FireMonkey application - YouTube
  10. Yes, reboot into troubleshooting mode. Try: On the Windows sign-in screen, press and hold the Shift key while you select Power Circle with line Power icon > Restart. Should get a blue screen with three options, pick Troubleshoot, then Advanced options. May take more than one shift + restart (seems to not work if it must log you out as well).
  11. Another thing to try - use the older control panel instead of settings. Search for "control" and launch the Control Panel app from the results. Also search for "device manager" and launch that. I remember some manufacturer provided drivers / applications being a problem sometimes so try uninstalling any of those using the control panel and device manager.
  12. If it's hasn't been long since this happened, you can reboot in troubleshooting mode and uninstall the update. As well Dell's suggestions include: - Log in as another user with administrator rights. If you can open the Settings app in that account, create a user account for yourself and delete the old account. - If none of the previous solutions resolved the issue, reinstall your operating system. (Windows 10: The Settings App Does Not Open or Flashes and Closes Instantaneously | Dell US)
  13. Brian Evans

    Delphi CE application accesses unknown IPs

    Best to run it from a command line with administrator privileges as it installs a service and needs a command line option -i before it will do so. Been playing with it in a Windows Sandbox - Windows Security | Microsoft Learn so I must install it each time since everything poofs when I close the sandbox.
  14. Brian Evans

    Delphi CE application accesses unknown IPs

    Note the VirusTotal sandbox uses Sysmon - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn which logs various events based on actions done by anything not just the executable itself like Process Monitor - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn does.
  15. Not sure there is much of a point in doing that - an AAB provides information so an app store can generate APKs for multiple devices. Using an AAB locally just adds extra steps to building and sending an APK to a device for testing. What's the difference between AABs and APKs? App bundles are only for publishing and cannot be installed on Android devices. The Android package (APK) is Android's installable, executable format for apps. App bundles must be processed by a distributor into APKs so that they can be installed on devices.