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  1. I’ve been exploring this for my Delphi app which needs to support WidgetKit (iOS 13-style) Home Screen widgets. Getting the widget built and working with my app was easy enough but I’m struggling to force it to update when data changes as the WidgetKit API is swift only. I’ve tried creating a native Obj-C static library which contains the bridging headers to call the swift code, and tried a swift static library with the @objc tags to expose the correct headers but Delphi just won’t see the exposed classes. If I pull the libraries above into native ObjC apps they both work fine but Delphi can’t seem to see the classes exposed, even though they link into the app using the fake loader method. I feel like I’m so tantalisingly close to getting this working so I’ll keep digging and post here if I get it working.
  2. Chris Pim

    Missing icon file "167x167"

    I have the same issue but don't want to have to create a new app as you have done as my project setup is really complex. Last time has to do what you suggest, it took a full day. I wonder if it's an issue with deployment caches etc which need to be reset? My app has been upgraded through 10.1, 10.3 and 10.4 so it's likely to have some residual junk which may be causing problems. Do anyone know how best "reset" all this back to a clean 10.4-style app without losing any of my project settings, deployment configuration etc?
  3. An update on the debugging issues on iOS - it's all working now. My VM just needed a restart and I can debug without problems now.
  4. It works well. I've managed to build and run my VCL and FMX projects on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac without any problems. Note that both Windows ARM and the way it runs Delphi are still in preview so tread carefully! I can debug Windows and Android no problem. I'm having issues debugging iOS as it's stopping in the IDE but showing the CPU rather than code views. I believe this might be a badly built component I need to re-install rather than an issue with the environment but can't confirm either way at the moment.
  5. UPDATE: I can confirm that Delphi 10.4.2 installs, builds and runs on a Mac M1 with a Parallels Desktop VM of WIndows 10 ARM (insider build). I successfully installed all my components (TMS, JVE, custom), build and ran both VCL (win32) and FMX (win32, MacOS64, Android32/64 and iOS64) perfectly. I'm going to keep using it for a while but if all goes well, this is a great solution and so much faster than my older Intel Macbook
  6. That was exactly the point of my question! As it happens, I've decided just to try it myself so I'll post the end results here as soon as I have them.
  7. I’ve just had an email from Parallels telling me that their latest update has official support for Windows ARM. From what I’ve read, Windows ARM can run x86 apps in emulation, so I wonder if Delphi 10.4 would run on a Windows 10 ARM VM. Before I spend a day setting this up to try it, I wonder if anyone else has already tried this to see if it works? It’s not for production use at the moment, just curiousity.
  8. Chris Pim

    Linking errors with FacebookAudienceNetwork

    I honestly don't know. To be honest, I didn't spend enough time on it to figure out whether it was a fundamental problem with having the framework embedded, just the way I was implementing it, or maybe I signed the framework incorrectly. My app uses iOS widgets too so I have to re-sign after Delphi has built it to apply the extra provisioning profiles which made things a lot more complicated and could have contributed to the errors I received. If I get time, I'll create a simple app which uses his components and try to upload again so I can try with something simpler and see if the same errors appear.
  9. Chris Pim

    Linking errors with FacebookAudienceNetwork

    Just to confirm, you don’t need most of the frameworks mentioned in the JVE Manual. It assumes you’re going to be installing all their components from the suite which require different dependencies. For FBAN and Abmob I think you only need some of them but I couldn’t easily tell you which ones.
  10. Chris Pim

    Linking errors with FacebookAudienceNetwork

    If you purchase the JVE ad component you get the sources so I suggest doing that if you’d like to see how Yegor has done it. It’s probably a fair thing to do if he’s put all the effort into figuring it out. But I can confirm that he is loading the framework at runtime but not in the way David says as that also fails to link. He’s loading the framework file directly from the bundle and invoking the initialiser at runtime. This means that the framework has to be deployed with your app and signed separately with the same provisioning profiles before it’s included as per his instructions. It works locally but when I tried to upload a sample app to TestFlight it raises errors from the App Store because you’re embedding a third party binary and the store isn’t a fab of doing this. I’m sure it’s all solvable but I haven’t had any time to look into it as I had to abandon Audience Network for now. hope this helps
  11. Chris Pim

    Authorization using Apple ID

    I’ve not tried it yet but there’s an article in Chinese here which takes you through how to do it. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&pto=aue&rurl=translate.google.co.uk&sl=zh-CN&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://blog.csdn.net/delphiteacher/article/details/104344285&usg=ALkJrhizIuLwrZCrBE-qSZ-hlKqRfCeYKQ If you manage to get it working, it would be great if you could share your findings with the group! I think David Nottage was also looking into this but not sure if he got anywhere with it yet.
  12. Chris Pim

    Problem with Delphi RIO 10.3.3 and Google API Level 29

    There are a number of reports of this on QP. Delphi 10.3.3 doesn’t support Android 10 (targeted with SDK 29) but Delphi 10.4 seems to work. I also hope someone finds a workaround for 10.3.3 before the Google deadline, as 10.4 isn’t an option for us until it’s been made more stable.
  13. Hi all, This morning while debugging my FMX app in Windows I suddenly started getting an EOleException within the Notification Center while initialising. onecoreuap\base\diagnosis\platform\notifications\developer\toast.cpp(2389)\wpnapps.dll!63CC11A2: (caller: 63CB5660) ReturnHr(1) tid(14e0) 803E0105 The notification platform is unavailable. First chance exception at $776F9862. Exception class EOleException with message 'The notification platform is unavailable' I've never seen this before, but it may be related to my Windows setup having updated over the weekend to v2004 (19041.388). It looks suspiciously like MS have changed the way their notification APIs work in this update... Has anyone seen this before or know of a way to resolve it? There's nothing useful on Google about this error that I could find. Thanks
  14. I’ve found a link to how to add a storyboard to a Delphi 10.3 project here: https://quality.embarcadero.com/plugins/servlet/mobile#issue/RSP-12931 Take a look at the 4th response from Sarina DuPont
  15. I doubt you’ll be able to use storyboards in 10.3.3 projects but I would be very interested to hear if anyone has found a workaround. In terms of Apple, they won’t remove your app if it’s already approved, they just won’t let you upload new updates or new apps after the deadline. i suggest you report any and all issues you’re having with 10.4 to Embarcadero via the quality portal as they seem to be working quickly to review new bug reports and release patches so that’s the best way to move forwards.