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    Delphi 10.4 missing XML Data Binding

    Just to clarify the issue experienced by Jim ( see text and image quoted above ) and to avoid further confusion: If the image posted by Jim faithfully represents the issue he is experiencing, then the problem is that there are some preliminary steps that need to be completed in order to have the "Create and Test Transformation" button enabled. The preliminary steps missing in his screenshot are as follows: Selection of the XML nodes in the left hand side panel to be mapped. Loading or creation of an XML data packet in the right hand side panel. Definition of mappings for each XML node on the left to each data packet field on the right. These would be shown in the middle panel. Once these steps are completed, the "Create and Test Transformation" button becomes "active" and you can now, as expected, create and test the XML mapping transformation. Thank you.
  2. Miguel Moreno

    Updated XMLMapper

    Lars: Hahahaha 😁 Glad to hear that "the crash [...] didn't happen" ... 👌🏼
  3. Miguel Moreno

    Updated XMLMapper

    Lars and Dick: I am please to inform you that Embarcadero has released the official "XML Mapper" for Delphi 11.3, internal version 28.0.47991.2819, via the GetIt package manager. We have made an extensive effort to make XML Mapper reliable and usable with any modern XSD and/or XML file. Please give it a try and let us know of any issue you may find through Embarcadero's Quality Central. Thanks.
  4. Miguel Moreno

    Updated XMLMapper

    Dick: The filters you expect to see are there ... Just switch to the "Schema View" tab on the left side panel 😊 Those filters apply only when you load an XML XSD schema ... When loading a raw XML file the filters do not apply, so that is the reason you do not see them when the "Document View" tab is selected. And do not feel bad ... We also feel that the source panel ( left side one ) of XML Mapper is a bit confusing ... We would like to overhaul the user interface to make it more intuitive, but for right now our main priority is to make XML Mapper fully usable, bug and crash free, and to support all modern XML documents and schemas. Please report any issue or bug that you find using the "Malawi Beta" XML Mapper ...
  5. Miguel Moreno

    Updated XMLMapper

    Hello Dick. For the new Delphi Alexandria 11.3, the included XML Mapper is still the old legacy version. To get the "XML Mapper Malawi Beta" version in the mean time, you have to launch the "GetIt Package Manager" from the tools menu ... Once you get the "GetIt" main dialog, type "xml mapper" in the search box ... The "XML Mapper Malawi Beta" will show up in the available packages list. Click on the "Install" button to install it in your Delphi environment ...
  6. Miguel Moreno

    Updated XMLMapper

    Lars and CDL: Yes, the final release of XML Mapper 11.3 is just around the corner and for right now it will still be distributed via GetIt. In the mean time, as suggested by Lars, you can get the 11.3 Beta XML Mapper to explore the new features. The companion document highlights the bugs fixed and the limitations of the beta. I will let you know once the final release is available for you to install. PS: Yes !! If you find something please report it via Quality Central !!