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Found 2 results

  1. ScroogeXHTML for Object Pascal converts RTF (Rich Text Format) documents to HTML5 and other markup formats. This release adds BMP picture data extraction, a new option to handle invalid RTF headers, and many minor code and documentation improvements. Features Exports to stand-alone documents or embeddable fragments. Minimizes documents using CSS and default font definitions. Supports hyperlink fields, bookmarks, multi-language, and LTR/RTL text. Includes complimentary code for converting and embedding images as Data URIs. Conversion of pictures to a web-ready format may require third-party libraries. Includes an API for post-processing of the intermediate DOM-like document. Supports logging via the open source slf4p logging facade. Compatible with Delphi 2009 and newer and Free Pascal 3.2.2. Includes full source code. Resources Home page: https://www.scroogexhtml.com/object_pascal.html Demo version: https://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml/8.7/ScroogeXHTMLDemo.zip User guide: https://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml/8.7/docs/ScroogeXHTMLGettingStarted.pdf Release notes: https://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml/8.7/docs/api/version.html Other platforms ScroogeXHTML is also available for the Java platform. (different feature set)
  2. ScroogeXHTML for Object Pascal is a library which supports a subset of the Rich Text Format (RTF) standard. It converts RTF to HTML5 and XHTML standalone documents, or to fragments which can be embedded in other documents. ScroogeXHTML converts text attributes including background and highlight colors, paragraph alignment (left, right, centered, justified) and indent (left, right, first line). Unicode conversion allows multi-language documents, including simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Compatible with Delphi 2009+ and Free Pascal 3.0.4 / 3.2.0. Version 7.3 is mainly a maintenance release which fixed several minor issues. Version 7.2 introduced support for embedded PNG and JPEG images using Data URI. Home page, API, Getting Started PDF, and demo download: https://www.scroogexhtml.com/scroogexhtml_delphi.html Full release notes: https://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml/7.3/docs/api/version.html