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Found 1 result

  1. Delphi: 10.3 Version 26.0.36039.7899 This code generates a memory at the first call to SetLength: A memory block has been leaked. The size is: 519 This block was allocated by thread 0x2010, and the stack trace (return addresses) at the time was: 00420A36 [FastMM5.pas][FastMM5][FastMM_DebugGetMem][7718] 006E43A7 [uMemory.pas][uMemory][NewAllocMem][88] 00407441 [System.pas][System][@ReallocMem][5022] 0040DB51 [System.pas][System][DynArraySetLength][36046] 0040B09C [System.pas][System][@LStrFromPWCharLen][26213] 0040DC92 [System.pas][System][@DynArraySetLength][36150] 00811B23 [uCommon.pas][uCommon][Mime64Decode][3729] 00928D49 [uXMLSec.pas][uXMLSec][NodeGetBase64Value][311] 0092B828 [uXMLSec.pas][uXMLSec][VerifyNode][893] 0092C0D4 [uXMLSec.pas][uXMLSec][TXMLSec.Verify][1006] 00D43D7A [Main.pas][Main][TMainForm.UpdateAttachmentsAndSignatures][298] 00D44784 [Main.pas][Main][TMainForm.LoadFile][427] 00D44886 [Main.pas][Main][TMainForm.BtnOpenClick][443] 00578075 [Vcl.Controls.pas][Vcl.Controls][TControl.Click][7536] 0059B84F [Vcl.StdCtrls.pas][Vcl.StdCtrls][TCustomButton.Click][5470] 0059C365 [Vcl.StdCtrls.pas][Vcl.StdCtrls][TCustomButton.CNCommand][5931] 00577B19 [Vcl.Controls.pas][Vcl.Controls][TControl.WndProc][7420] 75FD5E7A [Unknown function at GetClassLongW] 75FD60BF [Unknown function at GetClassLongW] 75FD5EBC [Unknown function at GetClassLongW] function Mime64Decode(const Encoded:string):TBytes; var InLen , OutLen : NativeUInt; Raw : RawByteString; begin Raw := RawByteString(Encoded); InLen := Length(Encoded); OutLen := 0; if InLen>0 then begin OutLen := MimeDecodedSize(InLen); SetLength(Result,OutLen); try OutLen := MimeDecode(Raw[1],InLen,Result[0]); except OutLen := 0; end; end; SetLength(Result,OutLen); end; Is there any alternative to allocate memory to TBytes? Best regards.