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TStringGrid background - Bitmap Style Designer

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Using a VCL Style, I'm trying to customise the background colour of TStringgrid objects.  The empty part of the grid that contains no cells.  At present the background is rendering white - and I'd like it to render a different colour.


The Bitmap Style Designer lists a Grid object, which contains a single Fixed (TSeBitmapObject) item, but nothing relating to painting the background of the grid control.


How can I determine which item(s) in the Bitmap Style Designer relate to all aspects of drawing a TStringgrid control?

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OK - I've figured it out.  Just in case it helps anyone:


1 - In addition to the Grid object there is a separate Colors section which lists a Grid color.  This sets the Grid background color, however it may be necessary to set it a few times.  The new color doesn't always take for some reason, and the option to 'Pick' a color from the screen seems buggy.


2 - Saving the Style, then simply recompiling does not update the style in the application.  A full Build of the application is required.


I've not yet worked out how to determine which item(s) in the Bitmap Style Designer relate to a specific control, other than trial and error, though the style preview can be helpful.

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