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Polywick Studio - Delphi and C++ Builder developer.

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I operate a small business doing Delphi coding and work-for-hire.

My services are:

  • App modernization, legacy upgrades. From Delphi 1 (Windows 3.1) to Delphi XE 12.1
    See: Case Studies


  • I’ve personally developed on C++ UI components, newer Delphi Skia-based components.


  • New application development (UI work, coding).

You can choose from different team options:


  • Dedicated team - need a team?


  • Staff augmentation (developers on-and-off basis),
  • Outsourcing (such as, 3 hours a week, Once a month to update Delphi app)

What you get:


  • Full source-code in Github/ Gitlab/ BitBucket / Azure repository.
  • CI/CD build (where applicable), so when there's check-in, a build is made.
  • Markdown documented and unit tested code. Optional profiling project if code is slow.
  • Warranty (if there's a small fix it'll get fixed).

I'm top-rated on Upwork and on Embarcadero Blogs.


My website and contact form.

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Case Study
Upgraded a traffic citation application from Clarion to Delphi 11.


Ticket Please?



Where's the ticket from?



Customer choose Interbase as they required row-level and record-level encryption, as well as on-cloud remote database connectivity to Mobile apps.






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