I need to check whether or not current computer time is correct (with some tolerance) and currently have following code.   LTime := TIdTime.Create(nil); try   LTime.Host := 'time.nist.gov';    LTS := LTime.DateTime; // do something finally LTime.Free; end; It was working fine (AFAIK) until I upgraded the router and basic firewall setting now blocks port 37 which is used by TIdTime... but allows port 123 (UDP) so I switched from TIdTime to TIdSNTP and it is working again.    So question is... is TIdTime obsolete... are there any gotchas with using TIdSNTP?  Is it safe to switch to TIdSNTP and don't look back? I need to support Windows 7/8/10 with most common settings (software and hardware). If someone decides to specifically block everything... there is nothing I can do anyway.