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Gary Mugford

ReFind Examples sought

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  I'm looking for examples of ReFind processing files for updating Delphi source code and DFMs. The ReFind.exe that I have access to is File Version 21.0.17707.5020 (which I assume means v21, July 7/17 run 5020, but I could very well be wrong). I know how to write lines for the file to unuse units and to swap one component to another. But what I'm looking for is how to change the property of the outgoing object to a different property in the incoming one.


For example,

Change the TABCRotLabel.caption to a THTMLStaticText.HTMLText.strings which is a strings property encapsulated in round brackets


That's the most complicated of the changes. Sometimes, the property is a .Color to something .Color, but about three layers deeper. Just using the ReFind swap instructions doesn't do as much as I would like. I'm HOPING ReFind is capable of doing this. I had a subscription to DelphiParser but let the sub lapse without use because the timing was impossible at the time the license was valid. I was offered a free extension and accepted and didn't use it. I've got excuses, but not the chutzpah to go back yet again, now that I'm more ready and in condition to accept help.


So, I'm trying to dig into ReFind. Looking for example lines so that I can play with them with my own code. The components that I'm swapping are not common today. They were around the turn of the century, but that's a long time ago. Links and actual examples and hints and warnings are greatly appreciated.


Thanks, GM

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