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Alberto Miola

Delphi certification program 2019

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I've had to do 2 Java certifications with my company (here). I did not know about them but they are very useful in your CV and I've strenght my knowledges way more than before. Also now I can "prove" (for what is worth) that I have a good understanding of Java.


I have seen that https://www.embarcaderoacademy.com/p/delphi-developer-certification-premium-package gives me the possibility to take an exam and get certified (like with Oracle/java). I have some questions for you in case you've already got it:


  1. From this doc I see the rules but the page to access the exam does not load. In fact http://certification.embarcadero.com/exam is broken; good start
  2. Is this still valid in 2019/2020? There are guides, exam preparation and video only for 2018
  3. I guess that the exam is online, isn't it? I had to travel to Rome to do the java exam because Oracle did not allow me to do it from home. Ok my company has paid the course and most of the travel to Rome but if I had to pay everything by myself it would have been so expensive!


What worries me the most is the quality of embarcadero's serivces because most of the resources I have been looking for aren't available due to server errors.

Any feedback if appreciated

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