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Turan Can

Job Voice AEC ECHO cancellation, helper

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Audio Transfer AEC ECHO cancellation.


Vois Peer to peer, I did the sound transfer, but when the sound is turned on both sides, it starts mixing after a certain time.
This is because the microphone listens to the sound coming from the speaker.

An expert friend who can write paid, clean code is required.

The echo is created due to the reflow of the incoming sound during mutual voice communication. To prevent this, I need the AEC eco function.

As seen in the pictures below, this is my problem.

I need a cleaner like the one below.


Delphi Sample: InEchoClean(microphone, speaker, out.... bla bla


Auxiliary documents are available in the links below.


MSDN: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/audio/aec-system-filter






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