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Massimiliano S

IOS Ad Hoc deploy work only one Device

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When I compile in ad hoc mode even if the provisioning contains several devices, the app can only be installed on my iPhone while on the others the installation fails.

using https://www.diawi.com/ and direct connect for installing app.


This did not happen before inserting of a Share Extension made in xCode.

Another strange thing, when I do a share somthing with my iPhone and my app I see a notification on my mac's safari

When I compile with delphi in ad hoc mode, even if I connect another phone (included in the provisioning), the app is reinstalled on my remote and as a Target device in delphi I have always and only my phone and I cannot remove it.


The provisionings are correct (in delphi and xCode) and until yesterday they have always worked, my doubt is that it is something left inside the xCode project but I don't know what. I have searched everywhere.



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