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[Q] OmniThreadLibry AV at Task.Invoke

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I'm getting multiple reports of AccessViolations inside Task.Invoke function call, it seems that Task.Invoke can/will be called after thread termination unlike TThread.Queue that will not.


is that correct behavior, how to wait for the end of Task.Invoke execution?


@Primož Gabrijelčič

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same AV i see in logs from OnTerminated


  FTask := CreateTask(
    procedure(const Task: IOmniTask)



procedure TFoo.OnThreadTermination(const Task: IOmniTaskControl);
  FTaskGroup.Remove(FTask); //AV Here



but TFoo holding FTask And FTaskGroup reference is waiting for WaitForAll in its destructor

destructor TFoo.Destroy;
  // stop all threads



it looks like OnTerminated will be somehow called after WaitForAll


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