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Virtual Tree How to auto increase header height when wrap long header using coWrapCaption

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I have a problem when setting the option of column of header to coWrapCaption.

When I decrease the width of the column, column text will be wrapped.

But the header height stay the same.

So the header become ugly as you can see in the pictures attached.

Does anybody know how to auto increase the header height when we resize the column length?

Many thanks!



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You have 1 problem, I think that we have many others with you:

  • what is your IDE
  • what VirtualTree edition
  • some like this, u see?

as all component, for understand (at least), you need look the sources (if you have it)!

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Hi emailx45,


I add more information about my dev enviroment

- Delphi XE4.

- Virtual Tree V5.3.0: (04 Jan 2014)

- I use Virtual Tree as a grid (set option toGridExtensions)


Do you have any suggestion for my problem?

Thank you!


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