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Objective-c Completion handler to Delphi

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In Objective-c header I have this :

- (void)offerForConstraints:(RTCMediaConstraints *)constraints
          completionHandler:(nullable void (^)(RTCSessionDescription *_Nullable sdp,
                                               NSError *_Nullable error))completionHandler;

That I translate like this:


  TWebRTCPeerConnectionOfferForConstraintsCompletionHandler = 
    procedure(sdp: RTCSessionDescription; error: NSError) of object;

procedure offerForConstraints(
  constraints: RTCMediaConstraints; 
  completionHandler: TWebRTCPeerConnectionOfferForConstraintsCompletionHandler); cdecl;

But every time I call offerForConstraints I Have :

Access violation at address 0000000183398910, accessing address 0000000EBA24BEB8

Any idea what going wrong?

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