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TTouchKeyboard when in modal dialog

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Hi all,

I'm trying to make an only-touch screen application with Sydney.


In the bottom zone, I've placed a TTouchKeyboard from Sydney VCL components.

That works fine in normal cases, but not works when I open a modal dialog (for example Program Settings in the attached photo).

When I click a keyboard button the system voice a "DONG" and the keyboard doesn't work.

Any suggestion about it?

Is possible to have always active the touch keyboard also when needed in modal dialogs?

Best Regards.


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Question Is the modal box selections touchable?  Should be able to change settings just touching and tapping.

I would only surface the keyboard for passwords and text edits 


The Tnumberbox should be just the ticket here.  



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Doesn't works also when edit fields are focused.

Seems that I've to move my TProgramSettingsForm contents, place it in a TFrame and remain in MainForm where

TTouchKeyboard is instanced, or perhaps I've to free the TTouchKeyboard from Main form,
re-create it in the TProgramSettings modal Form and assign as Parent the container in MainForm so look doesn't

change but is in same message pool.


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