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Juan C.Cilleruelo

I'm having problems with 10.4.2

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This is my current version installed: Embarcadero® Delphi 10.4 Version 27.0.37889.9797 


I have miodesopsias because of this many years ago I'm using dark mode in all my computers in work mode. 

When I develop for Windows I have windows in Light theme to see the result in a convenient form.

But the IDE in Dark mode. 


Well. After installing this version, in the window "Options" of the IDE I select "User Interface" and inside, "Theme Manager". 

I uncheck "Toggle style to match windows dark and light mode" and after I select the radio button that says "Dark"


When I close Delphi and reopen the IDE is in "Light mode" with the "Toggle.." check box activated. 

Seems that the desktop configuration file has not saved this option.


I'm treating to left an Issue in quality.embarcadero.com, but today seems that nothing is working in his servers. I can't search to see if another user has informed this problem.    

Anyone have this problem or is an issue with my installation.


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