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Partial solution of QP case: IDE cannot find declaration with 32-bit clang compiler

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Hi all.

Just for your information:


IDE cannot find declaration with 32-bit clang compiler





Soren Seyfert added a comment - 16 minutes ago

With the following settings Code Insight with 32-bit clang compiler works in our projects:

  • Open the project as standalone .cbproj, don't open a project-group, in project groups Code Insight doesn't work.
  • Project Options -> Project Properties -> General -> uncheck "Run C++ compiler in a separate process" (that makes CTRL + space to find methods etc. work).
  • Project Options -> C++ Compiler -> LSP -> check "Enable Project Indexing for Navigation/Tooltip support" (that makes "find declaration" work). Make sure that the option is checked for your current configuration or better set it for all configurations.
  • Save the project and close it.
  • Reopen the project -> you see in task manager that cquery.exe (child-process under RAD Studio) is working in heavy CPU and RAM usage. Depending on your project it takes a while (and uses a lot of RAM) but Code Insight should work now.

Make sure that cquery.exe is working in task manager, otherwise Code Insight fails. We had this effect when RAM/disk space was low or when we opened a project-group.

So for us it's a great improvement now but it would be great, if we can get it to work in project-groups. Also the label "CodeInsight: Stopped" in project status bar is shown all the time.
We use Embarcadero® C++Builder 10.4 Version 27.0.40680.4203.



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