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Tethering: MacOS 11.x/iOS 14.x devices are not found with TTetheringManager.DiscoverManagers

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even after adding the new Apple Multicast-Entitlement it's not possible to use Tethering with MacOS 11.x and iOS 14.x devices on server side. This devices will not be found with the method 
requested on client side.

It's fine with MacOS 10.x and iOS 13.x devices on server side. 

You can test this also with the samples
DesktopWallApp (server)
MobilePhotoApp (client)


DesktopWallApp Windows Android MacOS 10.x iOS 13.x MacOS 11.x iOS 14.x
Windows OK OK OK OK not OK not OK
Android OK OK OK OK not OK not OK
MacOS 10.x OK OK OK OK not OK not OK
iOS 13.x OK OK OK OK not OK not OK
MacOS 11.x OK OK OK OK not OK not OK
iOS 14.x OK OK OK OK not OK not OK


The reason is that the method
is never reached with this OS versions.

This problem crops the usage of Tethering as the biggest part of MacOS/iOS devices are running with the newest OS-version. So Tethering is usable for Windows and Android only.


Do anybody knows a solution for this.


Best regards, Philipp



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Hello Philipp,


I confirm for IOS 14 with Delphi 10.4.2.

But it's work fine with MacOS Big Sur 11.4 (Mac Mini  Intel 2014).

It's even work from my VMware Windows 10, where is my Delphi 10.4.2, connected to my Mac Mini.

My Mac Mini and my PC are connected throw Ethernet. I don't test connected via WIFI.


So It's work in every direction :

DesktopWallApp (MacOs 11.4 or Windows 10)

MobilePhotoApp (MacOs 11.4 or Windows 10)


I use it every day because I have developed my own Clipboard Sharing based on apptethering between my PC, Mac, Android. But it's only fail (no client/server detected) on IOS 14...


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The question for me is now, why it works with your MacOS Big Sur? Is it a different setting for the Mac or a different setting in the provision profile?

Can you see that the method

reached if you start the app on MacOS, equal if DesktopWWallApp or MobilePhotoApp?

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