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A.M. Hoornweg

Problems debugging DLL in Delphi 11

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Hello all,


I'm having some trouble debugging DLL's in Delphi 11, trouble which I did not have before in Delphi 10.4.   
My DLL is compiled in debug mode and has remote debugging symbols.



If I specify the host executable (Run-> Parameters -> Debugger -> Host application) and execute the process, breakpoints will not fire in my DLL.

But....  if I start the application manually and tell the debugger to attach to the process, breakpoints will fire in the DLL without any problems.



This workaround works, but it is super uncomfortable and slows me down.  Any idea how I can get the debugging situation back to normal?






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I've got the same problem. Breakpoints will not fire in Windows 64-bit DLL, but 32-bit DLL is OK.

And if 64-bit DLL is not Build with runtime package, breakpoints will fire.

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