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ANN: dhsWOL suite (Freeware)

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This suite is designed to keep devices online during active hours and optionally turn them off, both manually or automatically.
The client app can configure each devices properties like hostname, MAC address, active hours, shutdown hours and allows to wake-up or shutdown several devices when needed with a button click. In case of an emergency, you can shutdown all devices.
If the service is installed and running, each device will be checked and woke-up (or shutdown) automatically using the active hours and shutdown hours. NB: You must configure WOL properly in your OS and BIOS!




You can check it out at https://www.dhs.com.br/dhsWOLSuite.html

It's free!


Save up energy! Don't keep machines up and running if they aren't required. Save the Planet! :classic_cheerleader:

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