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The IDE "hangs RDP"...

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Mainly because of Covid, my "largest" client and i decided that i move my development to a machine hosted by their hosting vendor in "the cloud".

Whenever i have the task to setup a new devmachine, these days, i try to update everything. So i do not have much Alexandria experience from another working environment (like on my own machine).

Twice now, when i hit F9 to compile an run, the server has "hung". At first i thought that the "whole machine" got "hung". But last time they said that "the RDP has hung".

Interesting - this would not be a huge problem if i could restart the machine. But to restart a machine at this vendor needs a support ticket (!). Comments on that are appreciated.

I have used hosting from some 5-6 vendors - albeit but i never had a hosted a development machine before - none of those other services required support tickets to restart a machine.

There will be a meeting about this next week, and i would be very grateful if anyone has some insight or experience into when "the RDP hangs".

When it happens the IDE becomes completely un-responsible at first. When trying to kill the IDE i get "Access denied". Then in a small while all running applications stops painting and everything locks. After that "the server is not manageable" in the Windows Server Admin application, on another server. It says "kerberos auth error" when i try to "manage it". Then i have to wait for the support to wake up from thier slumber. Sigh.

Oh, and i have never used the IDE under "my own account" as i always had my own machines and VMWare/VirtualBox and lately Hyper-V running directly on them. Might be pertinent as i get "Access denied" when trying to kill the IDE when calamity hits. Normally (before this happens) i can close/kill the IDE.



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