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Trouble with dclWindowsAzureManagement150.bpl

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Using Delphi XE update 1 on Windows 10 Home.

A project which I have not modified for some time will no longer compile.  The sequence of messages is shown in attachments 1..4. I choose "Cancel" in attachment 3.

The new messages say that certain entry points cannot be found in dclWindowsAzureManagement150.bpl and in AzureCloud150.bpl.

The first of these files exists, see attachments 5..6.  It was installed with XE and has not been changed. It appears and is ticked under "Install Packages". The second file does not exist and never has as far as I know.

Since I last compiled this project I have updated Indy from 10.1.1 to 10.6.2 — but this project does not use Indy.

Thanks for any help.







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I think I have got around this by removing the three Indy design-time components from the "Installed Packages" for this project.  I don' t know how they got in there.


More importantly I don't understand why their presence caused these messages or how removing them solves the problem. I have other projects using the Indy design-time components and they do not give this problem.

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