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Static lib vs DLL linking in C++Builder 11.1

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Oops. The problem was easily sorted and was actually a _DEBUG vs. NDEBUG mismatch...


I'm using C++Builder 11.1 with Clang 64-bit compiler.

I have a 64-bit application and a static library both built using the above.

When I add the static library to the app and link, I get warnings like this:

[ilink64 Warning] Warning: Public symbol 'boost::filesystem::codecvt_error_category()' 
defined in both 
module C:\...\LIBBOOST_FILESYSTEM-BCB64-MT-S-X64-1_70.A|codecvt_error_category.o
   and C:\...\LIBBOOST_FILESYSTEM-BCB64-MT-SD-X64-1_70.A|codecvt_error_category.o

It looks like the app must be requiring the non-static version of Boost, while the library is using the static one, or vice-versa, but I can't find any way of changing this in C++Builder project options.


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