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WebDrive for Delphi

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Hi, I'm trying to control a browser using webdrive, I have found 2 project already made webdrive library for delphi they are : https://github.com/mmarquee/DelphiWebDriver and https://github.com/Ericwang1104/WebDriver4D, I've tried both but still having problem with how to use them. I've tried WebDrivers4Delphi and it has better example, I can already load Chrome or Edge and tell them to navigate to a certain url, but I still failed to get element to control the web like to click a button or others and the most important thing is that I want to be able to load chrome or edge extension, it throws an exception saying "cannot base64 decode" I've tried to encode the crx content to base64 but still have the same message. Anyone ever tried this ?


Thank you

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