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ANN: sgcWebSockets 2022.9.0

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sgcWebSockets is a complete package providing access to WebSocket, MQTT, STOMP, AMQP, HTTP/2, STUN, TURN... and more protocols and APIs.

What's new in latest versions

- Added support for EPOLL on Linux Indy Servers (Websocket and HTTPs Servers).

- Improved IOCP on Windows Indy Servers (WebSocket and HTTPs Servers). The IOHandler has been rewritten from scratch and performance has been optimized.

- Improved Google OpenAPI Client, now supports Service Accounts for non-interactive applications like daemons or windows services.

- Added support for DTLS over UDP (Server and Client components).


Main Features:

- WebSocket and HTTP/2 Support: sgcWebSockets includes client and server-side implementations of the WebSocket protocol (RFC 6455). HTTP/s is also full supported. Support for plain TCP is also included.
- SSL/TLS for Security: Your messages are secure using our SSL/TLS implementation. Widest compatibility via support for modern TLS 1.3 and TLS 1.2
- Protocols and APIs: Several protocols are supported: MQTT (3.1.1 and 5.0), STOMP, AMQP, WEBRTC, SIGNALR CORE, WAMP... Built-in protocols support Transactions, Datasets, QoS, big file transfers and more. APIs supported for third-parties like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, FTX...
- Cross-platform: Share your code using our WebSockets library for your Delphi VCL, Firemonkey, Javascript and .NET projects. Includes Server, Clients and several protocols for building and connecting to WebSocket applications.
- High Performance WebSocket Server based on Microsoft HTTP Framework and IOCP.

- Indy Servers (WebSocket + HTTPs) for Windows (IOCP) and Linux (EPOLL).

- WhatsApp and Telegram clients.

- Authorization protocols like OAuth2 and JWT are supported on Server and Client Components.

- STUN and TURN protocols are supported on Server and Client Components

- OpenAPI Pascal Client Generator for OpenAPI 3.0 and Swagger 1.0-2.0.


Trial Version:



Compiled Demos:


More Info:

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