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Kurt G

Delphi RAD 10.4 IDE: How do I make the shapes appear smaller.

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When I place a form in the IDE on the screen and e.g. sets the width to 600pix, it takes up much more on the screen.

I have posted a screenshot of RAD10 at: http://kg2.dk/RAD2/index.htm
The shape is set in the Object Inspector to 1055 x 1080 px.
I make a screencopy and paste into IrfanView.
When I measure the size of the shape on the screenshot with IrfanView, it is 1701 x 957 px. And IrfanView gives the resolution of the image as 49 dpi.

Another thing, which may be related to the above, I am wondering: The form and the Object Inspector seem to be related. I cannot separate the left edge of the shape and the right edge of the Object Inspector. When I move the mouse to the bar at the top of the shape, I can't move the shape! If, on the other hand, I move the right edge of the Object Inspector, the shape follows.

Where in the IDE can you set up so that the form on the screen takes up the same amount as I specify?


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try this:

  • just drag your "mini-windows" (tools) by title and drop it in your screen, or same, close it.
  • now,you can use all "ClientAREA" from your IDE!
    • note: left margin will be always = "0"


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