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Does anyone here use the Winsoft PDFium components?


I've downloaded the trial, but between not being able to find any documentation and being very new to Firemonkey, I feel like I'm poking around in the dark.

I have a slightly unusual requirement for working with PDF files:

- Load a PDF of house plans. These typically come from Revit or AutoCAD and can be quite complex.

- Allow the user to place text and graphics on top of the PDF.

- Export a new PDF with these additions.

It would also be nice to be able to crop to only part of each page, but I have an idea on how to simulate that with a mask if actually editing the imported PDF is not possible.

There's a lot more to my application than that, but that's the PDF requirement. I'd prefer not converting the PDFs into bitmap/JPEG as that will likely increase the size to the point that emailing the resulting files my be problematic.


From looking at the demo programs it does look like it might work for me. What I'd really like is the source code to the PDF viewer demo so I can understand how to properly work with viewing PDF files, but I've been unable to find it on the Winsoft site. I sent them an email a couple of days ago, but have not yet had a response.


Although this application will be initially targeting Windows, I want to use Firemonkey to give me the flexibility to add other targets later. As a result, the Winsoft PDFium components seem to be my only option. Otherwise, I was considering Gnostice.


I'm not keen on needing to include the PDFium DLL (and whatever the equivalent is on other platforms), but installing it in the same directory as my application probably means it won't cause me any problems.


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Posted (edited)

Winsoft have replied. The source files and documentation are in the Winsoft directory in Program Files (x86).

initial testing shows that it will do most of what I want. I'm just not sure I'll be able to crop the imported PDFs, although I have an idea that may be able to work around that.


Now I can do a proper evaluation.


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