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Delphi Rio, Android 5.1 - problem with TEdit and TStringGrid on the same form

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Hi Guys


I have serious problem with my FMX application compiled with Delphi Rio and run on Android 5.1.

The case is that when I place TEdit and TStringGrid on the same form - application freezes. When both are on the main form, application even won't start.

There is no problem if I compile same sources with Delphi Tokyo.


Has anybody experienced something like this?

I'd appreciate any possible solutions other that getting rid of the grid (than it works)




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Some Android 5.1 (not all!!) and Delphi Rio have some (other/different) issues... I was forced to compile app with Tokyo for Android 5.1.  The best solution is upgrade device 5.1. to Android 6.0 or more. However some "no-name" devices  don't provide upgrade. 




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Even though in Android 6,0, there also have issue with 10.3.1 (because of the August 2018, Google Issue, Android 26 API), better upgrade to Android 7 ~ 9.

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