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  1. Yaron

    My open-source portfolio

    I released quite a bit of interesting code to github over the years: YouTube DATA API v3 parsing: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-YouTube-Channel-parsing-plugin-for-Zoom-Player Basic RSS feed parsing code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-RSS-feed-parsing-plugin-for-Zoom-Player TheAudioDB MetaData/Image scraping code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-theaudiodb.com-Zoom-Player-media-scraping-plug-in TheMovieDB MetaData/Image scraping code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-themoviedb.org-Zoom-Player-media-scraping-plug-in OpenSubtitles.org subtitle search & scrape code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-OpenSubtitles.org-API-support-for-Zoom-Player A basic cross-platform calculator https://github.com/bLightZP/ElegantCalculator https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inmatrix.ElegantCalculator Adapted old code to work as cross-platform pure-pascal image scaling with filters (bicubic, bilinear, etc): https://github.com/bLightZP/ImageInterpolation Adapted old code to work as a cross-platform drawing of an anti-aliased circle (can be modified to draw rount-rect as well): https://github.com/bLightZP/AntiAliasedCircle I forked a QRCode generating source code and greatly optimized it (~ x50 faster): https://github.com/bLightZP/DelphiZXingQRCode The original Delphi scanline color-conversion implementation was very slow, so I optimized it: https://github.com/bLightZP/OptimizedDelphiFMXScanline
  2. Mahdi Safsafi

    remove part of string and compare

    Inserting lines one by one is a very expensive operation for memo. Also your 'All items at once' is wrong ! procedure TForm10.Button5Click(Sender: TObject); begin Memo1.Lines := ListBox1.Items; // this just inserts item one by one => same as 'One item with loop' ! // if you want to insert all items in a faster way than what you called 'One item with loop', you need to use text property or SetTextBuf (depending on your need): // - Memo1.Text := ListBox1.Items.Text; // - Memo1.SetTextBuf(PChar(ListBox1.Items.Text)); end;
  3. Clément

    No C/S FireDac for Delphi Professional

    Embarcadero should revisit their SKU matrix. Professional SKU is not satisfactory for DB Access, and some basic "Enterprise" software integration SOAP, REST etc Enterprise SKU is great for DB Access, but lack support for standard enterprise solution. Support for SOAP,REST, Encryption is very weak in native Enterprise SKU, and to offer a solution as good as native competition SKU you have to buy expensive 3rd party library. .NET offers such wide range of very good written library. This makes delphi ecosystem expensive. In Brazil we still have a very large base of Delphi Developers, they need a _good_ Professional SKU as most of them are ISV and don't have budget to buy an enterprise SKU especially if they won't use all the enterprise matrix features. This is also true for Managers in small companies. They won't spend money on features they won't need/use. Not an easy solution.