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  1. Martin Sedgewick

    Delphi 11.1 - a month later

    Agreed that they have done a good job. The cumulative effect of the last few releases being more focused on bug fixes, IDE improvements is now paying off. F2084 Internal Error - I forgot about that one as I have not seen that in a while now! Thankfully 🙂 I also like the more regular patching, and hope they continue to drop bundles of fixes more often. Keeps people happy when they see progress on the things that are blocking them. Would be great to see a roadmap too. No idea what is happening next!
  2. Martin Sedgewick

    2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    Thanks, filled it in.
  3. Martin Sedgewick

    Delphi Pro 11.1 compile 32 bit only ?

    Works fine for me. Did you add the Target Platform for 64bit? Projects I think default to only 32bit showing.
  4. Martin Sedgewick

    FireDAC TFDQuery - table names as parameters

    In this case, I use a bog standard %s in the string and Format before passing to FireDAC. I like the macro idea and did have a look but might be worth trying it out.
  5. Martin Sedgewick

    RS 11 FMX zip file with password

    Ah fantastic! Sorry I missed this when you originally posted
  6. Martin Sedgewick

    Type Library (COM) Problem

    looks like something internal when posting. The only thing I could offer is try to post with the minimum possible - empty record? without appending lines etc, which might help diagnose something wrong.
  7. Martin Sedgewick

    Type Library (COM) Problem

    LInvoice.DataFields.FieldByName('AUXIL_CODE').Value := 'AUTO'; here you use underscore LInvoice.DataFields.FieldByName('ARP-CODE').Value := '320.01.002'; // Here Access Violation raises here you use a hyphen. Is it simply that the field doesnt exist. That would cause an access violation I would first focus on why LInvoice.DataFields.FieldByName('ARP-CODE') seems to be NIL On the var LQuery: IQuery; begin LQuery := FMainConnection.NewQuery(); // Here LQuery still remains as nil end; is IQuery the interface from the COM library? how is the COM interface look in the TLB.pas file? is it a function with no parameters? I would review all the basics and see there is nothing simple being missed. Is there anything else missing from setting up the FMainConnection that might have it returning a NIL interface?
  8. Martin Sedgewick

    RS 11 FMX zip file with password

    I have just found this issue with TEncryptedZipFile in Delphi 11 worked in 10.4 with no issue in 11, I cannot unzip using 7zip @Uwe Raabe Is this something you have already noticed or tackled yourself?
  9. Martin Sedgewick

    Delphi 11 November Patch

    it appeared for me on the welcome screen and installed with no issues through GetIt luckily I do not yet have any toolbar customisations. So no shouting here. Seems an annoying problem which should be raised if not and fixed.
  10. Martin Sedgewick

    Bookmarks dead?

    @David Millington Is this plugin one that you personally still develop or has it been brought into Embarcadero development? Any update on the plugin. As you can tell it is much loved and we are all waiting for the latest version 😄 EDIT: I can see David hasnt been on the forum for 2 months. so might be best to reach out elsewhere.
  11. Martin Sedgewick

    Herb Sutter on C++20

  12. Martin Sedgewick

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    The TMS component to use would be the TAdvSpreadGrid if you were looking at TMS. MAKE THE GRID FORMULA-AWARE WITH TADVSPREADGRID https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/gridpack.asp Simple formula editing interface Auto recalculation Single cell recalculation, full recalculation Extensive range of mathematical functions Save with formulas Single cell references in formulas Cell range formulas Formula precision for grid on cell basis Display formulas or formula results Date / time functions Intelligent formula aware copy and paste Can be extended with custom functions Cell names Cell name mode can be RxCy style or A1-style Formula & constants libraries Inter grid formulas
  13. Martin Sedgewick

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    I remember years ago watching a video of "Notch" using Java to create a game and he leaned heavily on hot reload. It was immediately obvious the benefits. The game was running. He modified some function or other and hit a key and the game updated with the change. The time saved over days, weeks and months would be incredible. Obviously it depends on the software. but if you have to compile, run, login, get to point X it all adds up.
  14. Martin Sedgewick

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria Patch 1 Available

    I am a big fan of this new way of patching. Gets some issues out quicker than waiting on Update 1 which could be months away. Hopefully these fixes are a benefit to many. Nice to see they have fixed the XP TThread issue, which they didnt have to fix, but keeps everyone who needs it working on XP for a while longer without having to apply a workaround
  15. Martin Sedgewick

    splitting interface + implementation

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1011006/separating-interface-and-implementation-classes-in-delphi found this - which has the "include files" Thomas mentioned.