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  1. Martin Sedgewick

    Delphi 11 November Patch

    it appeared for me on the welcome screen and installed with no issues through GetIt luckily I do not yet have any toolbar customisations. So no shouting here. Seems an annoying problem which should be raised if not and fixed.
  2. Martin Sedgewick

    Bookmarks dead?

    @David Millington Is this plugin one that you personally still develop or has it been brought into Embarcadero development? Any update on the plugin. As you can tell it is much loved and we are all waiting for the latest version 😄 EDIT: I can see David hasnt been on the forum for 2 months. so might be best to reach out elsewhere.
  3. Martin Sedgewick

    Herb Sutter on C++20

  4. Martin Sedgewick

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    The TMS component to use would be the TAdvSpreadGrid if you were looking at TMS. MAKE THE GRID FORMULA-AWARE WITH TADVSPREADGRID https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/gridpack.asp Simple formula editing interface Auto recalculation Single cell recalculation, full recalculation Extensive range of mathematical functions Save with formulas Single cell references in formulas Cell range formulas Formula precision for grid on cell basis Display formulas or formula results Date / time functions Intelligent formula aware copy and paste Can be extended with custom functions Cell names Cell name mode can be RxCy style or A1-style Formula & constants libraries Inter grid formulas
  5. Martin Sedgewick

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    I remember years ago watching a video of "Notch" using Java to create a game and he leaned heavily on hot reload. It was immediately obvious the benefits. The game was running. He modified some function or other and hit a key and the game updated with the change. The time saved over days, weeks and months would be incredible. Obviously it depends on the software. but if you have to compile, run, login, get to point X it all adds up.
  6. Martin Sedgewick

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria Patch 1 Available

    I am a big fan of this new way of patching. Gets some issues out quicker than waiting on Update 1 which could be months away. Hopefully these fixes are a benefit to many. Nice to see they have fixed the XP TThread issue, which they didnt have to fix, but keeps everyone who needs it working on XP for a while longer without having to apply a workaround
  7. Martin Sedgewick

    splitting interface + implementation

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1011006/separating-interface-and-implementation-classes-in-delphi found this - which has the "include files" Thomas mentioned.
  8. Martin Sedgewick

    splitting interface + implementation

    I have not heard of doing that. Why would you want to do that? Have you a specific reason?
  9. Martin Sedgewick

    win32 exe compiled in Delphi11 does not run on W2000

    Excellent, although Kudos should go to @Darian Miller for maintaining the resource.
  10. Martin Sedgewick

    win32 exe compiled in Delphi11 does not run on W2000

    https://github.com/ideasawakened/DelphiKB/wiki/D28.ALEXANDRIA. This might help Can no longer build executables for Windows XP without customization: Project Options->Building->Delphi Compiler->Linking->Set OS Version fields in PE Headers (and Set SubSystem Version fields in PE Headers" to 5.1 (it now defaults to 6.0) If you use System.Threading, then need to change GetTickCount64 references to a new routine matching something like the code below and then use a modified system.thread.dcu in your projects (or update \lib\win32\debug and \lib\win32\release with new versions of System.Threading.dcu) More info from Michal Mutl on Delphi PRAXIS forum message function _GetTickCount64: UInt64; begin if TOSVersion.Major<6 then Result := TThread.GetTickCount else Result := TThread.GetTickCount64; end; XP Compatibility notes As reported by Marco Cantu on Delphi PRAXIS, better HighDPI support was the reason for the PE header change. And the GetTickCount was un intentional. Changing the PE format to target newer versions was a design decision. It's the same Visual Studio does. And it does make a difference in the results when invoking some HighDPI related Windows APIs. They fail to return the right value if the app is for XP, so if you change the PE setting (doable) you'll have some trouble on the latest systems. The introduction of an XP breaking issue with GetTickCount64 was not intentional and discussed. We don't test on XP by design, no one in the beta did, most likley. While we don't officially support XP, such a simple change is doable -- as long there is zero impact on newer systems and it costs a limited time. I doubt we'll release a patch for it, though...
  11. Martin Sedgewick

    Missing The Old Forums

    Off Topic FLAME WARS are much missed 😄
  12. Martin Sedgewick

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    It is David Millington that wrote this, and I think I am right in saying they usually get updated a few weeks after each release. He will have been focused on the D11 launch until now.
  13. Martin Sedgewick

    FastMM4 with D10.4.2 -- need $G ???

    I have had this while using the Mormot library for years. It is FastMM related and I need to go into the mormot library and uncomment the FastMM stuff. Only happens when compiling custom packages though, never had it outside of that scenario.
  14. Result := Boolean(0); I found that code hard to read mostly due to code formatting and naming. But this stood out when I scanned down. Why would you do this? why would you do this in Delphi? Result := false; Result := true; Surely this is more readable. Is there a performance thing going on underneath with a Boolean cast? On error/exception handling, as said above, far too broad to answer - more details would be needed or an example to help with this.
  15. Excellent work! Well written article and kudos for the links to expand on the subject. I am going to watch the videos and read the links now. 🙂