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  1. Martin Sedgewick

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    https://andy.jgknet.de/blog/2019/03/ide-fix-pack-6-4-released/ Changelog Fixed: Packages with duplicate units may not have caused a fatal compiler error. Added: Support for Delphi 10.3 Rio Added: StyleUtils.inc performance optimizations for faster UI rendering (D10.3) Added: Infinite loop detection in TDebugger.UpdateEventLog Added: Fix for TStringList.IndexOfName bug (RSP-21633) Added: Fix for access violation in the Welcomepage JScript9.dll binding Added: TCustomListBox.ResetContent is skipped if the handle isn’t created yet Added: More STRINGCHECKS-free RTL code (2009/2010) Added: More DFM Streaming optimizations Added: RTL and DFM streaming patches to remove STRINGCHECKS (2009/2010) Added: Removed VclFixPack OutputDebugString calls (2009) Added: FillChar uses Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB cpu feature if available for large sizes. Added: Enabled CPU LOCK string assignment optimization for local variables Added: -Oe (experimental optimizations) and -x-cgo compiler option extension Added: CodeGen: Remove of some unnecessary push/pop operations Added: Expression Evaluator allows array access to pointers even if the type wasn’t declared with {$POINTERMATH ON} Added: Max number of constants in a function was increased from 64K to 16M (2009-XE3) Added: New compiler option extensions: -x–compileonly, -x–reslist, -x–depfile, -x–unitstats Added: More performance optimization for the DCC64 compiler Added: TStringBuilder.SetLength optimization [RSP-19178] (XE+) Added: TStrings.GetDelimitedText optimization Improved: Slight faster TStringList.IndexOfName optimization for sorted string lists.
  2. Martin Sedgewick

    10.3.1 has been released

    Yes, this is normal for Rad Studio.
  3. Martin Sedgewick

    10.3.1 has been released

    NEW in 10.3.1 10.3.1 includes the following enhancements: ● IDE Productivity Tooling: With Bookmarks, Navigator, and code minimap, developers can quickly move around their code, useful in large units; locate and remember important areas; and visually quickly scroll through their current code within the IDE ● Expanded support for iOS 12 and iPhone X series devices, addressing upcoming App Store requirements ● RAD Server Console UI redesign and migration to the Ext JS framework, providing an enhanced user experience when viewing RAD Server API analytics ● Improved FireDAC support for Firebird 3.0.4 and Firebird embedded ● HTTP and SOAP Client Library Enhancements on Windows ● New VCL Windows and FireMonkey Multi-Device Styles for quickly updating the look and feel of an application ● Fixes to over 150 customer-reported bugs Wiki entry: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/e/index.php/10.3_Rio_-_Release_1 Specific Bug fixes: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/en/New_features_and_customer_reported_issues_fixed_in_RAD_Studio_10.3.1
  4. Martin Sedgewick

    Rio quality disappoint

    Do you think some hints at compile time like "You have a lot of components on this form which may impact performance"? That seems like something that could be hinted at, and you could always switch it off. IDE Fix is a must!
  5. Martin Sedgewick

    Rio quality disappoint

    I have used Rio since the Beta and while I have found a few small bugs/issues, I have used it almost problem-free. I do not experience CPU load or flickering. But I dont use GetIt, I think the issues will depend on what the IDE is used for, and how. Update 1 will hopefully be sometime soon, and should fix a lot of problems. It is a shame we don`t get a rolling Beta for this, which would increase confidence in what was coming. Regardless, I am happy with what is there, with the understanding that there are a lot of bugs to fix. Fingers crossed we hear something soon about Update 1!
  6. Martin Sedgewick

    Amazing support at TMS

    Agreed, TMS provide a great response. I had a similar experience and had a fix within a day, and a workaround. Great product and support!