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  1. GPRSNerd

    SVN server updated

    Hi Angus, thanks for the heads-up, it's working now again. Thx, Stefan
  2. GPRSNerd

    SVN server updated

    Hi, seems that the svn servers (http://svn.overbyte.be/svn/ics/trunk) are down since 9 Apr. TortoiseSVN complains about "host unknown".
  3. GPRSNerd

    ZipTV Compress Components

    I'm using a tweaked version of ZipTV 2009.6.15, AFAIK that is from 2009. I've given up contacting the developers years ago, as they have gone out of business, also AFAIK. You should better use components that are currently developed, maintained and supported. AFAIR there was even a CVE on the components in the past.
  4. GPRSNerd

    ZipTV Compress Components

    Using it with Delphi X.4.1 Sydney, works fine, but just in 32bit apps, haven't tried 64bit.
  5. GPRSNerd

    Where is the Install command in the Project Manager of D10.3?

    Do the ShellControls come with two packages, one for runtime and one for designtime? Have you opened the runtime package instead of the designtime package and tried to install it? This works only for designtime packages.
  6. GPRSNerd

    ccr.exif for editing image metadata

    Probably nobody will help you with this by Teamviewer or similar. You better copy the errors into the thread here, so that we can help you. ccr.exif works like a charm here with Rio and all predecessors for years.
  7. GPRSNerd

    TButtonedEdit Styles and transparency

    Check my older RSP, that has an easier workaround: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-24070 Just load the corresponding color again with StyleServices: be2.Color := StyleServices.GetSystemColor(be2.Color);
  8. GPRSNerd

    Delphi 10.3.3 - Indy - could not load root certificate

    Hi Remy, could you explain how to use the version from the git repo then?! As the Indy components are part of the Delphi standard installation, I guess they must be swapped somehow... Thanks, Stefan
  9. Here's one of many: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-22230
  10. Check the linefeeds of your source file. When you have a mix-up of CR and/or LF this might happen. Also errors when compiling show on the wrong line number and other spooky stuff...
  11. Known problem with Rio 10.3. There are several unfixed bugreports at Embarcadero.
  12. GPRSNerd

    Read of address DEADBEE7. - Source of this raise?

    Programmers jokes, there exist a couple of these "HEX speak" or "magic number" addresses: DEADC0DE, DEADBEEF... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexspeak I use them as constraints in unittesting to check that a peer or protocol is using the expected values. So the programmer wants to tell you something...
  13. GPRSNerd

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    OK, figured it out myself. dcc32.exe -> dcc32compiler.exe dcc32.de -> dcc32compiler.de I've left dll and jdbg as original and it works.
  14. GPRSNerd

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    Hmmh, the current set of files for 32bit is named slighty different, as a suffix is used: dcc32.exe dcc32260.de dcc32260.dll dcc32260.jdbg What do I have to rename them to exactly?
  15. GPRSNerd

    Rio.1 does not save all layout settings

    Same happens here as well, you have to resize it everytime the IDE is restarted.