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  1. ChrisChuah

    How to Clear TWebBrowser

    it seems that if i put a web browser on Form2 and Form2 is run-time called to be created, then there will be an access violation on RecreateBrowser function called. The way to go about it is to create a browser onCreate form2 function and insert the webbrowser component into it Not sure if anyone is having this problem
  2. ChrisChuah

    Get Mac Address using Indy?

    Hi Is there a function in Indy whereby i could get the Mac address of the interface card? Or is there any function in Delphi whereby i could obtain the MAC address of the NIC card for FMX app? regards chris
  3. ChrisChuah

    How to Clear TWebBrowser

    Oh Yes, now the browser can crash my application when i use a Navigate function. I place a try except block on the navigate function but somehow there is no exception error. Where can i get any information about the crash? regards chris
  4. ChrisChuah

    How to Clear TWebBrowser

    thank you very much. u
  5. ChrisChuah

    How to Clear TWebBrowser

    HI I remember asking something like this few months ago but somehow i could not find it in my profile. Currently the Web browser is showing a page say http://localhost/mypage.htm How can i clear browser to show nothing ? webbrowser.navigate('none')? regards chris
  6. Thank you very much. It seems that i have to right click on the TSQLConnection and Reload all the parameters again as the same project used in Delphi 6 was read back in Delphi 11. Hence the 64 bit application used the old TSQLConnection Parameters settings. thank you chris
  7. HI By right, the delphi 64 bits applications that uses Oracle DBExpress should use the dbxora.dll and midas.dll. However, when i deployed using those dll, my application would not be able to connect to the oracle database. Instead i have to add the dbexpora.dll which is 32bit dll that I have been using in Delphi 6. Once i added that dbexpora.dll file into my application folder, my application is able to connect to the Oracle database. Anyone has any idea why the dbexpora.dll is still being used? Maybe next time i should ditch DBExpress and move on to other drivers instead. sigh regards chris
  8. Hi When i use the deployment Featured Files for 64 bit application, the DBExpress Oracle Driver will use dbxora.dll and MIDAS Library will use midas.dll. However, when i copied these 2 files together with my exe application and run on a newly installed Win 10 Pro pc, the application would not connect to the database. I have already set the Net Configuration for Oracle Client and it is able to connect to the Oracle database server. However, previously when i deployed my 32 bit application using Delphi 6, i would use dbexpora.dll and when i add this file to the newly installed Win 10 Pro pc, my application is able to connect to the database. Why is this file dbexpora.dll used? Its a 32 bit dll if i am not wrong. Is there something that i did not configure correctly? regards chris
  9. ChrisChuah

    Any delphi components for VNC or RemoteDesktop?

    Thank you. I managed to connect to the 64 bit dll file although the Delphi IDE registered the 32 bit dll as activeX component. until now, i am still learning how to go about doing things in delphi regards chris
  10. ChrisChuah

    Any delphi components for VNC or RemoteDesktop?

    Delphi can compile app into 64bit isnt it? If so, can my Delphi 64bit app run the 32bit dll or does it require the 64bit dll?
  11. ChrisChuah

    Any delphi components for VNC or RemoteDesktop?

    hi Also the activeX comes in 32 bit and 64 bit version when i do a regsvr32 vnc.dll and regsvr32 vnc64.dll, Delphi only shows the 32 bit activeX when importing. how can delphi able to use the 64bit dll? please advise
  12. ChrisChuah

    Any delphi components for VNC or RemoteDesktop?

    Hi Last time, since Delphi 6, i managed to download an VNCX.dll from internet and i was able to embed it into my Delphi 6 application. Now, i tried to import this same component into Delphi 11, Delphi 11 managed to convert into the TLB files and was able to compile it and add to the Palette. When i create a new Windows VCL app and add that VNC ActiveX component into the form, Delphi 11 will crash. Is there a way to find out why Delphi 11 crashed? regards chris
  13. ChrisChuah

    Indy TIdTCPClient connect, send and disconnect

    Hi Remy The data sent to 2 ports are different. The server was designed in such a way that Port1 is sending Command and Control data while Port2 is used for sending and receiving Configuration data. That was how the server was implemented long time ago. Since both ports will be getting data from the server at any 1 time so i cant just use 1 client to send and receive from 2 different ports at the same time isnt it? Am i able to use 1 idTCPClient port to connect to 2 ports? once connected, both ports can receive data at the same time? please advise regards chris
  14. ChrisChuah

    TWebBrowser Edge Engine Unavailable

    Hi Thank you. Will try it use it on Linux. Regards chris
  15. ChrisChuah

    Indy TIdTCPClient connect, send and disconnect

    Hi Remy Now i m having another problem In my app, i have 2 idTCPClient sockets that connect to 2 different ports of same server application. When one of the port or idTCPClient (Client A) disconnect, it should disconnect the other idTCPClient (Client B) as there may be some issues with the server app. When reconnecting the idTCPClient B to the server, whenever i try to use ClientB.IOHandler.Read, it will give me an exception like this ----- <07/11/2023 10:02:31> IP to Connect to CM: <07/11/2023 10:02:31> Connecting..CM User TCP: Own IP: <07/11/2023 10:02:36> Error in Thread Run. Type: EIdConnClosedGracefully Msg: Connection Closed Gracefully. ----- When disconnecting idTCPClient B, should i release the IOHandler? If not how can i handle this exception as I am using a IdThreadComponent to read the IdTCPClient B socket for messages regards chris