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  1. ChrisChuah

    Indy 9.0.18 on Delphi 6. Where can i get 9.0.50?

    thank you very much. I will try out the indy 9 first as currently i am still using 9.0.18 somehow the idHTTP.Head is causing my thread to hang and my app also hang as well not sure why any ideas? regards chris
  2. Hi Currently i need to go back to maintain my source code written 10 years ago. when i tried to run IdHTTP.Head function, sometimes it would hang there and this caused my thread to hang there. What can i solve this "hanging" problem? Where can i download the latest Indy 9 (9.0.50) or Can i download Indy 10 to work with Delphi 6? please help regards chris
  3. ChrisChuah

    Delphi 10.4.2 TWebBrowser navigate URL

    Hi So sorry for the late reply actually, its the problem with Adobe Acrobat with Internet Explorer. I have to uninstall and re-install Adobe Acrobat again. seems like that solve my problem. regards chris
  4. ChrisChuah

    Delphi 10.4.2 TWebBrowser navigate URL

    hi Previously it was chrome as a default but i set to Edge Browser. However, i could not find anything about download on file type in Edge Browser. something related to mime type? regards chris
  5. Hi In Delphi 10.4.1, when the Win64 program called WebBrowser1.Navigate("file://z:\filename.pdf") where z drive is a shared drive, it will display the pdf in the Browser. However, when i upgraded to 10.4.2, the same function will prompt for File Download. I also tested to navigate a C drive pdf document and it will also prompt the file download Please help ====== source ========= procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var l_filename : string; begin if OpenDialog1.Execute then begin l_filename := OpenDialog1.FileName; // l_filename := 'file://' + l_filename; WebBrowser1.Navigate(l_filename); end; end; ======= End ================ regards chris
  6. Hi Has anyone done this soap interface before? I am able to get the SOAP interface using this https://ove-osb.microsdc.us:9015/OPERA9OSB/opera/OWS_WS_51/Information?WSDL The WSDL Import will generate a Information.pas file. I tried to call the LovQueryRequest but it only contains the basic XML without the headers. Anyone knows what i should do in order to add the OGHeaders and SecurityHeaders to it? regards chris
  7. i did that but it still having the same error. if not, i wont be so frustrated over it. sigh Also when i start the PAServer for the first time, it did not prompt me for the password.. i wonder why I just made a video you Youtube on this error. hopefully the members can advise me on what the error is.
  8. hi when the new patch is released, the PAServer pkg is also shown on my Windows VM. So i dragged the PAServer pkg into my Mac OS to install it. After installation, i ran my app but it showed disconnected session. On the PAServer in my MacOS, it showed >list Process Control Server started pid 1647 exe built Feb 27 2020 Error: file permissions do not allow debugging. Just today, i saw another patch is released but my PA Server still does not allow iOS debugging. I am running Mojave instead of Catalina because Catalina does not allow the PAServer to run because it is in 32 bit. anyone can advise? regards chris
  9. ChrisChuah

    TSwitch to allow change?

    Thank you very much. i will try this out. regards chris
  10. btw, do you know why is there a file permission error on the PA server? i checked on all the user:group in the PAServer and its root:wheel. any ideas?
  11. ChrisChuah

    TSwitch to allow change?

    Hi Is there a function when there is switch event, to disallow the component from switching from off to on? In my function, when the user activate the OnSwitch event, i will prompt the user to turn off? if the user said no, then the switch should remain at On. However, now the switch will auto turn off even though i set the IsCheck to true any ideas? regards chris
  12. Is it easier to debug on the hardware? sometimes the debugger is quite slow when returning to the breakpoint. thats what i feel.
  13. Its a update patch that provided the new PAServer. The PAServer before this patch was working fine. I was using it to do debugging of my software. Somehow i cant understand why the Embarcardero is asking me to debug on the physical device. Its easier to debug on the simulator isnt it?
  14. ChrisChuah

    TBluetoothLE in Windows 10

    I tested out the BLE on windows 10 and it seems that the device needs to be paired up in the Windows Bluetooth screen first by adding it to it. If not, while you tried to get services from the device, it will prompt that the device is not paired up.
  15. After update the latest patch for 10.4.1 with the new PA Server, I could not run the iOS simulator in debug mode. Usually, the prompt will appear to ask user to enter password for debugging but this time, it does not come out. anyone having this error? ======= Log from PA Server =============== >listen Process Control Server Started pid 1258 exe built Feb 27 2020 Error: file permissions do not allow debugging listen Process Control Server Started pid 1298 exe built Feb 27 2020 Error: file permissions do not allow debuggin ======= End of Log ============== regards Chris