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  1. Hi I am using TSQLQuery, TClientDataSet and TDataSetProvider with DBGrid I will click on the record row in the middle of the grid and the grid shows that it is highlighted HOwever, when i close and open the ClientDataSet to refresh the data, i would use the bookmark to go back to the last bookmark before the Client dataset is Close l_bookmark := TntDBGrid1.Datasource.DataSet.GetBookmark; TntDBGrid1.DataSource.DataSet.Close; TntDBGrid1.DataSource.Dataset.Open; TntDBGrid1.DataSource.DataSet.GotoBookmark(l_bookmark); TntDBGrid1.DataSource.Dataset.FreeBookmark(l_bookmark); After open, the indicator is shown correctly on the dbgrid but the highlighted row is on the first row. see pic please advise regards chris
  2. ChrisChuah

    DBGrid sort descending on Column Title Click

    Thank you for your help
  3. Hi I am using TSQLQuery, TClientDataSet and TDataSetProvider with DBGrid If i want to sort the DBGrid based on title column click, i can use the event OnTitleClick on DBGrid ClientDataSet.IndexFieldsName := Column.FieldName However, this will sort the Field in ascending order. How can i sort it in descending order? please advise regards chris
  4. ChrisChuah

    Indy download and installation on Lazarus running on Ubuntu

    thank you justin Will try it out on lazarus
  5. Hi Is there a link to download Indy as well as installation manual for Lazarus running on Ubuntu X86_64? please advise regards chris
  6. ChrisChuah

    TEdit Text cannot align vertical centered

    thanks remy Its working now. not sure why i could not connect to that link when i was in office thanks chris
  7. ChrisChuah

    TEdit Text cannot align vertical centered

    Hi Thank you. That link does not work. Just have to stick to the underlying windows control. regards chris
  8. ChrisChuah

    TEdit Text cannot align vertical centered

    Hi For the TLabel, i can align the text vertically centre using the Layout properties. However, for TEdit, there isnt any option for this. Please help on how i can have the TEdit text aligned vertically centered. regards chris
  9. ChrisChuah

    How to use a particular network interface to send out UDP data

    Thanks Remy I will try to use the BoundIP property on my testing. regards chris
  10. Hi Remy Yes. As i send a UDP packet to a, the IP address that returns to me is also as well as a reply from other servers. Is there a function to say isBroadcastAddress(aIPAddress: string) that i can use so as to know its a broadcast address? Does Indy library has such function? regards chris
  11. Hi On my mac, it seems that i have many network interfaces. I used Indy GStack.GetLocalAddressList to obtain all these interface name and IP address. Stack Local Address 0: en0: FE80:0:0:0:102B:BAE3:A50E:FEDA Stack Local Address 1: en0: Stack Local Address 2: en1: FE80:0:0:0:C55:FF1F:977A:4ECD Stack Local Address 3: en1: Stack Local Address 4: awdl0: FE80:0:0:0:380D:36FF:FE0A:D127 Stack Local Address 5: llw0: FE80:0:0:0:380D:36FF:FE0A:D127 Stack Local Address 6: utun0: FE80:0:0:0:FE2C:6391:70B1:32E5 Stack Local Address 7: utun1: FE80:0:0:0:D512:288C:E8D7:52E1 Stack Local Address 8: utun2: FE80:0:0:0:CE81:B1C:BD2C:69E Stack Local Address 9: bridge100: Stack Local Address 10: bridge100: FE80:0:0:0:787B:8AFF:FE3C:7864 Stack Local Address 11: bridge101: Stack Local Address 12: bridge101: FE80:0:0:0:787B:8AFF:FE3C:7865 Stack Local Address 13: bridge102: Stack Local Address 14: bridge102: FE80:0:0:0:787B:8AFF:FE3C:7866 Stack Local Address 15: bridge103: Stack Local Address 16: bridge103: FE80:0:0:0:787B:8AFF:FE3C:7867 Stack Local Address 17: bridge104: Stack Local Address 18: bridge104: FE80:0:0:0:787B:8AFF:FE3C:7868 If i want to send a broadcast packet onto (Bridge102), How can i specify it in idUDPClient? Or will idUDPClient able to automatically send it out via that interface? Please advise regards chris
  12. Hi Each time i send a packet of data to the broadcast address, the same packet will be received back again. How can i 1. control the idUDPClient to ignore the packet 2. How to determine the ip address is a broadcast address in the network please advise regards chris
  13. ChrisChuah

    Access Violation when i free idUDPClient

    Thanks Remy.
  14. ChrisChuah

    Access Violation when i free idUDPClient

    Hi When i use the IdUDPClient inside the thread object, the idUDPClient does not get any messages back even though it can be seen from the Wireshark that the message was sent back. However, if i place the IdUDPClient on a Form, i am able to get the message. Something funny is that when i use the IdUDPClient on the Form to send out the message, the first response message header is SOREQ <== this header is request header Checking on the Wireshark, the server returned SORE I tried to initialise the l_buf to $0 before retrieving from idUDPClient. However, its only the first message sent that will be always SOREQ and the rest will be SORE And the IP address returned in the message should be which indicate the server address itself. seems like the first message is the same message that i sent out. please advise regards chris ===== Code for IdUDPClient on Form ===== procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject); var l_port : UInt32; l_memStream : TMemoryStream; l_len : integer; l_buf, l_buf1 : TIdBytes; l_ilUDPData : Tt_BootReqMsg; l_ip : string; l_ipBytes : array[0..15] of byte; FMsg : string; FRepliedClientIP : string; FRepliedClientPort : Uint32; l_index : integer; begin l_ip := getOwnIP; if l_ip = '' then begin writeLog('Cannot find own IP address'); exit; end; IdUDPClient1.Host := ''; IdUDPClient1.Port := 55510; IdUDPClient1.BoundPort := 55510; try // FUDP.Active := true; l_memStream := TMemoryStream.create; l_buf := ToBytes('SOREQ'#0, IndyTextEncoding_ASCII); l_memStream.Write(l_buf[0], 6); l_port := 55510; l_port := GStack.HostToNetwork(l_port); l_memStream.write(l_port, 4); getArrayBytes(l_ip, l_ipBytes); l_memStream.Write(l_ipBytes, SizeOf(l_ipBytes)); l_len := l_memStream.size; setLength(l_buf, l_len); l_memStream.position := 0; l_memStream.Read(l_buf[0], l_len ); l_memStream.Clear; try IdUDPClient1.ReceiveTimeout := 3000; IdUDPClient1.BroadcastEnabled := true; IdUDPClient1.SendBuffer(l_buf); FMsg := 'Send To Address: ' + IdUDPClient1.Host + ' Port: ' + Inttostr(IdUDPClient1.Port) + ' using IP: ' + l_ip; WriteLog(FMsg); setLength(l_buf, sizeOf(l_ilUDPData)); for l_index := 0 to length(l_buf) - 1 do. <== initialise the buffer but i still receive SOREQ only on 1st time. l_buf[l_index] := byte($0); l_len := IdUDPClient1.ReceiveBuffer(l_buf, 2000); if l_len <= 0 then begin FMsg:='No Data received in UDP'; FRepliedClientIP := ''; FRepliedClientPort := 0; WriteLog(FMsg); end else begin l_memStream.Clear; l_memStream.Position := 0; l_memStream.Write(l_buf[0], l_len); l_memStream.Position := 0; setlength(l_buf1, 6); l_memStream.Read(l_buf1[0], length(l_buf1)); WriteLog('Op Code: ' + getStringFromBytes(l_buf1)); l_memStream.Read(FRepliedClientPort, sizeof(FRepliedClientPort)); WriteLog('Port value: ' + Inttostr(FRepliedClientPort)); l_memStream.Read(l_ilUDPData.hid, sizeof(l_ilUDPData.hid)); FRepliedClientIP := getStringFromBytes(l_ilUDPData.hid); FRepliedClientPort := GStack.NetworkToHost(FRepliedClientPort); WriteLog('Replied. IP: ' + FRepliedClientIP + ' Port: ' + Inttostr(FRepliedClientPort)); end; except on E:Exception do begin FMsg := 'Error in Recv Data in UDP: ' + e.message; FRepliedClientIP := ''; FRepliedClientPort := 0; WriteLog(FMsg); end; end; l_memStream.Free; except on E:exception do begin FMsg := 'Exception in SoFind: ' + e.Message; FRepliedClientIP := ''; FRepliedClientPort := 0; WriteLog(FMsg); end; end; end; ==== End =====
  15. ChrisChuah

    Access Violation when i free idUDPClient

    Hi Remy Would like to ask why the UDPClient did not receive any data. Attached is the screen capture of the Wireshark. The first pic shows the server received the message sent from the delphi client The second pic shows the server sends out the SORE (response) message to the delphi client IP address. However, the client reported that there is no data received <27/5/2022 11:14:02 am> Send To Address: Port: 55510 using IP: <27/5/2022 11:14:05 am> IP: Port: 0 replied <27/5/2022 11:14:05 am> No Data received in UDP Did i do something not right? please advise regards chris