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  1. What it's like to be a Delphi Developer https://blogs.embarcadero.com/what-is-it-like-to-be-a-developer-joe-c-hecht/
  2. Former Senior Borland Engineer - Delphi and C Guru - 33 years experience. Graphics and the Windows API is my speciality. PDF, Printing and Graphics Drivers, VCL, and cross platform code. Very reasonable rates, one hour minimum. Retainers accepted (with discount) for pre-paid consulting and code, billed in 15 minute intervals. Can bill via our LLC, 1099, or W-2. We accept PayPal, credit cards, checks, bank wires, and can arrange for corporate billing. https://code4sale.com/email/TJoe/ TJoe(h^);
  3. Joe C. Hecht

    Advice Needed: PDF Graphics Rendering Suite??

    Hello Steve, I would be very willing to help. If you need a high grade commercial solution, my UberPDF engine is quite good, and based on 33 years of PostScript and PDF code. I am just one guy and I spend most of my time coding PDF solutions rather than tweaking the web site for product sales. If you need "very good", the UberPDF SDK fits the bill. But please know, It is not some cheap Delphi PDF knockoff solution. We take things very seriously when it comes to PDF, and our goal is to deliver a "quality commercial grade" solution. Delphi support is a "bonus" (I am a former Borland engineer and I love Delphi), so I support Delphi (and Lazarus). The SDK is a "maturing" solution. It has been used for many years under a different name, and has enjoyed many millions of deployments. Currently, we offer the SDK "on the cheap", but the price is quickly is rising as I add features (from a code base of 3 million lines of commercial PDF code) . End user sales is not our primary goal (our market is large commercial customers), so there are currently no "Delphi demos". But if you need "very good", and you like being able to contact the guy writing the engine and getting custom support (and new features tailored to your needs), consider joining our little family of users, and growing with us. We do not have everything plugged in yet, but you can count on a SDK that is written 'by the book", and to exacting PDF specifications (per the reference), by a guy who has three decades of experience. I can be initially reached though our email gateway at https://uberpdf.org/email/