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  1. CoMPi74

    ERD tool needed!

    Thank you very much! All of you! I did not even realize that there exists so many tools for that. I tried to use all suggested apps but most of them failed. More precisely, I failed because, as I suppose, I did not use it properly. Anyway, finally I used DBeaver and DbSchema (Free edition). Both works as expected and were able to prepare ER Diagrams for PostgreSQL schema with 500+ tables. It looks astonish, really. A small example, generated by DbSchema, can be seen below. 🙂 Thank a lot again. Piotr
  2. CoMPi74

    ERD tool needed!

    Hi there! I want to create ER Diagrams from existing PostgreSQL database (100+ tables) to figure out how the tables relate to each other. I am looking for a tool (preferably standalone one) which I am gonna use once only. Any suggestions? Best regards, Piotr