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  1. CoMPi74

    Some grep related problems

    Nobody? Really? Maybe @dummzeuch?
  2. CoMPi74

    Some grep related problems

    1. Is it possible to persistently hide history pane in grep results? I am not sure but I think I remember that some time ago it was possible. Anyway, now (since version 1.3.20) I am not able to achieve that 😕 Deselecting 'View -> History list' checkbox does not work because, from time to time, the pane is showing anyway. Of course, when it happens, the checkbox is checked. I hope I not need to mention that I don't turn on this checkbox myself;) 2. Almost everytime I use grep for searching some (any?) string in all files in project group (maybe it also happens with other settings but I did not check it) I got 'Out of memory' error. The situation happens regardless of whether there is, or not, free memory. Followed grep options are checked: Whole word, Search form files, All file in project group, Parse map file and all options in Delphi Code Content Types and Delphi Code Sections. Can anyone confirm these problems? PS. Delphi XE4, GExperts 1.3.21
  3. Done 😉 Here is it: [RSP-34616] Object Inspector does not support generic properties - Embarcadero Technologies
  4. @darnocian This is not the case I presented. I wanted to have an event handler which generic parameter T is same as in the class definition. I mean fevent2 should be rather TEvent2<T> instead of TEvent2<integer>. Did you try such a case? I did :/ I need it because I want to implement validation mechanism in TCustomEdit<T>.Change method, like in the code below: TEvent<V: record> = procedure (AValue: V) of object; TCustomEdit<T: record> = class(TEdit) public fValue: T; fEvent: TEvent<T>; protected procedure Change; override; published property Event: TEvent<T> read fEvent write fEvent; end; procedure TIMEdit<T>.Change; begin if Assigned(fEvent) then fEvent(fValue); end;
  5. It is look like none of a generic property is visible in Object Inspector. But, of course, they are accessible from code. TCustomEdit<T: record> = class; TEvent1 = procedure (AValue: Integer) of object; TEvent2<V: record> = procedure (AValue: V) of object; TEvent3<V: record> = procedure (ASender: TCustomEdit<V>; AValue: V) of object; TCustomEdit<T: record> = class(TEdit) public fEvent1: TEvent1; fEvent2: TEvent2<T>; fEvent3: TEvent3<T>; published property Event1: TEvent1 read fEvent1 write fEvent1; // Accesible from Object Inspector and from code property Event2: TEvent2<T> read fEvent2 write fEvent2; // Only from code property Event3: TEvent3<T> read fEvent3 write fEvent3; // Only from code end; TEditEx = class(TCustomEdit<Integer>); ... RegisterComponents('Test controls', [TEditEx]); BTW. It looks like Delphi (10.4 CE) crashes because of CnMemProfProject wizard (CnPack, v. Unstable). But it is just an intermediate reason. The AV comes from System.TypInfo.GetPropInfos so definitely something is up.
  6. @David Millington, what do you think? It is a bug?
  7. I think so too, but it is quite strange, because OnChange of TIntEdit is just TOnChange(ASender: TIntEdit, AValue: Integer). Does not it?
  8. Hi there, I have a component like this: TCustomEdit<T: record> = class; TOnValidate<T: record> = function (ASender: TCustomEdit<T>; AValue: T): Boolean of object; TCustomEdit<T: record> = class(TEdit) private fOnValidate: TOnValidate<T>; // code here published property OnValidate: TOnValidate<T> read fOnValidate write fOnValidate; end; TIntEdit = class(TCustomEdit<Integer>) // code here end; The code compiles and TIntEdit registers without any complaints. But, when I want to drop the component onto a form, Delphi crashes with AV. What I am missing? I tested it on Delphi XE4 and Delphi 10.4 CE. It's a bug, feature of just "by design"? @Stefan Glienke, will you help? Anyone?
  9. CoMPi74

    Build / Output messages filtering plugin

    This is the way I am doing it right now. Though, I do not use a "special" tool ;) Instead I use Notepad++. It is enough for small projects but I am going to cleanup a significantly larger project and I need a better tool.
  10. CoMPi74

    Build / Output messages filtering plugin

    @Ondrej Kelle, @Kas Ob. I'll look at it this weekend. Thanks :)
  11. CoMPi74

    Build / Output messages filtering plugin

    @Uwe Raabe That's not very good news 😕
  12. CoMPi74

    Build / Output messages filtering plugin

    It's all a song of the future :) I was thinking about a much simpler tool. Because I know best what files interest me, at least initially, I assume that the filtering will be based on a selected list of files (e.g. read from a text file).
  13. CoMPi74

    Build / Output messages filtering plugin

    @Lars Fosdal Such a skill is both a gift and a curse 😉 I know something about it 😉 Coming back to the matter, as you mentioned, I also hope that @dummzeuch will be able to help. Or @Uwe Raabe or @David Millington?