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  1. Isn't it crazy what goes on these days in recruiting? Companies complain, but then won't change their approach. I've offered to take on $150K/yr roles for $120K/yr. Now, I only have part-time hours to assign to Delphi work. But still, companies don't take advantage of the opportunity to find out if I would be a good addition to their project, by spending just a few bucks for part-time help.
  2. Not many intelligent people would.
  3. Rick_Delphi

    Project in Seismic Field

    lol How many beers did you have for breakfast?
  4. Rick_Delphi

    Atlanta, GA

    There is tons of information on a resume. People harvest them by the hundreds, then share the data. Also, some places pay for each resume that is uploaded to their database. Simply... Run an ad and have people upload their resume and you get paid for doing nothing but running the ad and waiting.
  5. Rick_Delphi

    Atlanta, GA

    That's correct, it's been getting worse for years. Most of the legit ones I know have left the industry. I still know a small number that use the old style approach and are doing good, but not great. They spend long hours doing things manually to protect their reputation, while the scammers get rich scamming.
  6. Rick_Delphi

    Atlanta, GA

    It means there is a company that is looking for a Delphi developer and there are bunches of shyster recruiters copying and posting that company's job ad in the hopes of harvesting resumes. We need to find someone to help that company, so that they can produce good software and be successful. These shysters give the hiring company a bad reputation and make it hard for quality recruiters to do their job!
  7. Rick_Delphi

    Atlanta, GA

    Would someone please identify the company in Atlanta, GA that is looking for a hybrid (2 days on-site and 3 days remote) Delphi person? Then help them find someone! Recruiters are posting dozens of copies of that job ad. It's like babysitting kids and they are all yelling for candy at the same time.
  8. Come on guys... Alien abduction is funny. No one has a response to that?
  9. Rick_Delphi

    Delphi job req I just got

    Well... Labor is always under attack from people who can't contribute to a company but still need to make themselves look useful. Programmers are now viewed as labor, software developers not so much. I've seen people from HR moved into the role of UX/UI designer, with no experience or training. Great projects with no barnacles are very hard to find.
  10. OK, so I'm going to contact area 51 and let them know that Jake and Ryan have been abducted by aliens.
  11. Rick_Delphi

    Delphi job req I just got

    Respond asking him to call you and talk about the application domain. That usually eliminates the recruiters that copy job postings.
  12. What up?! You and Ryan have disappeared. You guys still kick'in it?
  13. Rick_Delphi


    Anyone know anything about this one: Next Gen It West Pittsburg, PA I don't know of anyone in west Pittsburgh, PA looking for Delphi people.
  14. BTW, I can't seem to get Evisions to answer their phone. I've called at different times during the day.