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  1. I still check Delphi job listings from time to time and see there are companies that have been looking for a Delphi developer for going on two years. I know that Delphi devs are not easy to find, but how can they not have hired someone by now? They could have hired someone and taught them Delphi, problem solved! What's up with these companies? Why does no one want to work for them? For example, Gateway Ticketing is now placing ads for basically every city in the state of Pennsylvania. Why don't they wise up and change they way they hire?
  2. Rick_Delphi

    Delphi job

    That's true. My head is still spinning from my Delphi job search. It was the strangest thing I've ever encountered. The companies I found that were small and nimble, couldn't pay. The world of software development has, apparently, matured to the point where it has gone to hell and isn't coming back. All someone had to say to me is - When can you start? and Where do we send the sign-in bonus? I would, by now, already know their code and be contributing to the company. But, no. There was all kinds of crazy behavior happening. Don't company leaders pay attention to what goes on inside the company?
  3. Rick_Delphi

    Delphi job

    NCR is still running ads for a "Senior Delphi Software Engineer." I interviewed with them and they are pretty good people. But, they talked mostly about coding and wanted me to take a coding test (a timed coding test, lol). So, it didn't sound "senior", more like "staff coder." If anyone here considers themselves a programmer, they might find some good Delphi work there. A quick web search will bring up their job ad. NCR used to stand for National Cash Register and I remember doing things with their hardware, way back when I first started in the computer industry. Probably a great company to work for. Again if you view yourself as a coder or programmer, it's probably a good opportunity.
  4. Yes, that's part of it. I've heard others say they are paying - $2,600+/month. Also, in the US, inflation is running rampant. They say it's at just a few percentage points increase, but gas is 2x what it cost just a couple years ago. Eggs were $0.89/dozen and now they are $3+ per dozen. Milk was $1.89 per gallon, now it's $3.69+ per gallon. It's a nightmare.
  5. I can't survive on less than six-figures.
  6. Well, they just had a news segment that criminals are pulling tricks just by using the information on a resume. So, I do provide my resume but it's after I've talked with someone in the company.
  7. I looked for about two months. Everyone was beating me up on salary. I'm gonna' try to move up. I just can't take the low wages thing, it's depressing.
  8. I'm no longer looking. I am officially walking away from software engineering. I wish everyone the best.
  9. Rick_Delphi

    A gem from the past (Goto)

    Hey, you could do this: gotoMyFunction or gotoMyProcedure or gotoGetter or gotoSetter.
  10. I'm looking for a full-time remote Delphi developer position. I'm interested in something challenging. Startups are OK. If you have an open position, call me between 8am and 8pm ET in the US, at this phone number: 724-992-8695. I'm good with being part of a team or I can be the sole developer. I've created software products, from scratch, as sole developer in the past. I would also be interested in working on in-house systems that are not sold as products. I've used Delphi since version 1 and have experience with many different database systems.